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A Moment of Pause

In time of worship
A silent retreat
A moment of pause
Is blessed to us sweet

One of souls soaking
Of wisdom to show
Of nourishment filled
Time later to know

In our decisions
Return of this time
Before egos reaction
Of ponder sublime

When anger arises
Return to the soul
Of peace’s stilling moment
To give You control

Time blessed to others
One of open ear
To listen intently
These moments to share

Will My Soul Pause

The morning will sing
It’s song of peace
Will my soul pause
My hurry to cease

The sun will rise
With lights mystery
Will my soul pause
Your colors to see

Our Jesus will love
With gifts to bestow
Will my soul pause
In prayer, him to know

A plan is prepared
Of the holy way
Will my soul pause
Grateful, this day

Accept them or not
God will bless them, still
For heaven awaits
Through the gift of our will

Pause Into Silence

At times during worship
For a moment or two
We pause into silence
Covered by You

A special blessing
As Spirit descends
Time of indwelling
The spoken transcends

Great is the movement
We bind in the heart
One is the body
Of praise we impart

Unique is the whisper
To each soul of need
Nourished within
As One we proceed