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One Word This Day

A blanket, a presence
A grace flowing through
A comfort of knowing
This day covers you

One of beyond
Of promise instilled
Spirit of gifting
May you be filled

Of fragrance, surrounding
Inside and out
A sense of the soul
A feeling devout

All worries and fears
This day to cease
The Word that is spoken
Let it be, one of peace

Vessel of Peace

In peace of the morning
Of offering prayer
Within God’s creation
No evils found here

No one to slander
Control or to shove
No heart of judgement
All one of God’s love

Evil is spread
Born through man’s heart
Prayer, our vaccine
God’s love to impart

Receiving God’s love
To begin our day
A vessel of peace
To bless in His way

His Name is George

A knee to the neck
A knee to the neck
The officer put
A knee to his neck

I cannot breathe
I cannot breathe
His soul of pleading
I need to breathe

A basic right
A basic right
Everyone has
The right to breathe

He took it away
He took it away
The public protector
Took his right away

Precious is life
Precious is life
Only for God
Is the right to life

Injustice no more
Injustice no more
Let all people say
Injustice no more

The power of peace
The power of peace
Let us rise together
With the power of peace

Through Peace

With a little more grace
And little more space
We’ll slow this virus down

With a little more care
And little more prayer
We’ll help those all around

We’ll give our thanks
To all the ranks
In service here this day

We’ll hope there be
Scientists see
A cure will come our way

We’ll turn above
To God of love
And know us He adores

We’ll place our hope
And know we’ll cope
Through peace that He outpours

It’s Cool

In troubling times
Bless our soul, be calm
Singing joyfully
This simple little psalm

Know in this truth
Of peace beyond to be
For if I die, that’s cool
For Jesus I will see

In my time that’s blessed
A practice to observe
For if I live, that’s cool
For Jesus I will serve

In this moment now
In Presence that surrounds
For You are here, it’s cool
And Your love abounds

(based upon words from KT)

Peace be Spoken

Blessed is the moment
When is light turned down low
Focus of the turning
Upon horizons glow

When the air is empty
Of no noise to complain
All the world is quiet
A gift of silence reins

When the mind surrenders
Soul becomes aware
Spirit of your Presence
Time of being here

When all creation stills
May all here be awoken
Reborn into our Lord
And peace be the word spoken

Peace in A Person

I looked for peace in the sunset
Surrounded in colors this day
I felt it just for a moment
And then it faded away

I listened for peace in the silence
Quiet in this moment still
It settled in for a few minutes
Until the noise started to fill

I sought out peace in the mountains
Ascending into clear air
I dwelt in solitudes’ freedom
Gradually it disappeared

But peace isn’t found in the absence
By letting everything go
External peace found is a person
Our Jesus for us here to know

Live Peacefully

What is this feeling
That’s calling to me?
Beneath all my worry
To live peacefully

A knowledge of offer
In God’s written Word
Of “peace be with you”
Here, let it be heard

Be not afraid
Our Lord’s Word is spoken
A gift that He purchased
Through His body broken

One of this moment
In prayer Him and me
A divine connection
To eternity

Light and Peace

Take me to the sunrise
One of golden rays
Light of overflowing
Setting soul ablaze

Take me to the silence
May peace fill my heart
Stilling of the inner
A prayer to impart

Take me to your being
A binding intimate
Light and peace of knowing
One so infinite

Take me to horizon
Way that you prepare
With gift of light and peace
Of You, let me share

Lady of Solitude

Lady of solitude
Fragrance of peace
Pray with me now
All fear to release

When worries arise
Just let it be
A whisper of wisdom
That you are free

A garden of beauty
Surrounding in prayer
The Spirit arising
Of offering here

Guiding the way
Grace of bestowing
Encounter within
Lord of the knowing