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Dawning’s Peepers

Time with dawning’s peepers
Savoring their song
Cherishing this moment
Soon they’ll go along

For they will surrender
To winters loneliness
Submitting unto silence
The time of emptiness

The heartbeat of creation
To praise the Spirit here
Soothing of the soul
Rhythm of prayer

All are welcomed into
This comforting embrace
Sense of the belonging
Within the light of grace

Peepers Song

Soothing of the deep
Sound familiar brings
That is found within
The peace that peepers sing

Lyric of persistence
One of community
Hidden of the little
A simple prayer to be

Covering of darkness
Voice of comfort known
Rhythm of heart beating
That we are not alone

Hope in breath of Spring
With hymn of solemn praise
That soon by grace of light
All of the earth to raise