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Come Oh Spirit

Let us adjust, a prayer we say
From, come oh Spirit, here this day

No distant seeking, to pursue
For this great love, indwells in you

With our faith, here to proclaim
Together let’s, ignite this flame

With prayer and praise, with joy divine
With love to share, our light to shine

Give us this day, our daily bread
With Christ himself, let us be fed

So come oh Spirit, here, pour through
By grace of God, through me and you

One Voice of Pentecost

When came the time that was fulfilled
They gathered in one place
And suddenly came from the sky
A mystery of grace

A noise of like a driving wind
And filled their house, entire
And then it did appear to them
Just as tongues of fire

It separated into parts
Of each it came to rest
And all were filled by grace of God
With Holy Spirit, blessed

And they spoke with different tongues
But all did hear the same
That echo’s still unto this day
That Spirit does proclaim

Happy Pentecost!

On this Pentecost
Our Church’s birthday
Four blessed reminders
For us to portray

May the Church be One
Of blessed unity
Desire of our God
Part of one body

That our Church be Holy
Rooted in deep prayer
Born within the Spirit
Of His love to share

Let it be universal
As God did intend
Being of one love
All earth, end to end

May it be apostolic
God to represent
Mission of our calling
Which we all are sent

Voice of Pentecost

Suddenly from the sky
A noise like a strong wind
Appeared as tongues of fire
Which came to rest within

Filling with the Spirit
Tongues different but the same
Enabled by the Spirit
Each they did proclaim

Wisdom for the chosen
Each of us a choice
Moved within the Spirit
For us to find our voice

Blessing us a mission
A purpose each our own
A humble way of sharing
Making our God known

John 20 – Pentecost

On the first days evening
When doors were locked with fear
Jesus came to them
In their midst did appear

He said, “Peace be with you”
Showed hands and his side too
As my Father sent me
My friends, I now send you

Then he breathed upon them
Each His word did hear it
Moved within their soul
Receive the Holy Spirit

Whose sins you forgive
Forgiven are the stains
Whose sins you retain
Still they are retained

Word Unique

At day of Pentecost
Such excitement sprung
That they all did hear
In their native tongue

It echoes to this day
That we each do hear
Our God of voice unique
To us does appear

Found within the Word
Encounter of a friend
Beauty of creation
A message to soul send

Whispered to every soul
Throughout all of time
One voice different ways
Your gift of word divine