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The Picture Entire

Before me this morning
Horizons’ beauty
Dark clouds and light
Which will I see?

Perhaps it’ll rain
Or clouds pass away
Prepare now my soul
To be either way

Be not of the focus
Of worry pursue
A prayer now of being
Of the greater view

Will of accepting
The picture, entire
The masterpiece of
The journey of higher

You Shared a Picture

You shared a picture
Of beautiful view
And found in the scene
What it says about you

You were attentive
Of blessings bestowed
A treasure unspoked
Of love the Lord showed

That it touched your soul
With Spirit to lift
And you thought of us
To share in the gift

Love of the binding
You brought us into
One light of sharing
Such beauty shines through

A Perfect Picture

Through miles of many
A sunrise you see
In colors of beauty
You thought of me

A picture you captured
Though not perfectly
Intentionally sent
Of thought joyfully

To share me a moment
That God did create
Connection of prayer
Of our gratefulness great

Warming my soul
Of us binding right here
Through lens of the Spirit
The view perfectly clear