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A Higher Place

Come settle now
Upon a chair
Of letting go
And stilling here

Let the Spirit
Take me there
To our place of
Indwelling prayer

Of deep within
Your loves embrace
Our beings bound
In state of grace

A higher place
Here to attain
In this space, let
My soul, remain

Sacred Place

Quiet now my being
In stillness to begin
From the mind to soul
A movement deep within

Drifting to the center
To the whisper of grace
Dwell in Me beloved
In our sacred place

Distractions are calling
Come here, they say
Acknowledge them now
And let them drift away

To focus of being
To the soul in love
The drawing of Spirit
Descending above

Help me to remain
In this indwelling prayer
To be with You Lord
In living from here

Place of Finding

Within Your Presence
An offer of prayer
A sense of a space
Of being appears

Warm is the comfort
Of love that is shown
This place of finding
Where I’m fully known

In freedoms’ surrender
Deep is the longing
The gift of this dwelling
The sense of belonging

As I go on the way
Be of this embrace
A view of remaining
To be of this place

Place of Dwelling

A place of beauty
Of vision foretells
One of the drawing
The morning mist dwells

A place in the heart
Of deep longing swells
A needing of love
Where emptiness dwells

A place of heaven
Where earth parallels
In Presence of here
Where the good Lord dwells

A place of being
Of our inner cell
A prayer of connection
Let the Spirit now dwell

Our Loving Place

Into our loving place
Through a being prayer
Resting in true comfort
Finding our home here

Easy be this dwelling
Where Your truth be known
That we are Your beloved
Where only grace is shown

Focus of true treasure
One of charity
Compassion for each other
Peace and unity

A prayer of desire
May Gods’ will be done
That every soul come gather
Into this place as One

The Place of Only Love

Desire of heart
Petition to share
Appealing to Spirit
Of prayer to prepare

Clean off the deck
Thought from the mind
In my offering
Just emptiness, find

Encounter of Presence
Of true binding be
In clarities view
Just You and me

For found in this void
One gift to bestow
Soul of rejoicing
Of Your love to know

Find Your Place

In this noisy world
So hard to find a space
Take some time today
Find your quiet place

In this stress filled world
Such challenges we face
Time to refresh the soul
Find your resting place

In this selfish world
A culture we embrace
Let’s turn our way above
Find your prayerful place

In, not of this world
Receiving of Your grace
Anywhere we be
In You I find my place

Drawn to This Place

He sits in the back
Head bowed in prayer
Warming the heart
Attention drawn here

A man of no home
Is drawn to this place
Jesus is here
A blessing of grace

Decision before me
What will I do?
Uncomfortable feeling
Encounter pursue

Just want to fix him
Its bigger than me
A word and a coin
For this days journey

A whispers response
A simple “thank you”
Of humbleness deep
Here changes my view

My Happy Place

You are always seeking
At our door to enter
Let You flow within
Dwelling at the center

Silence of embracing
Peace here permeates
Comfort of surrounding
Love to procreate

In our deepest valleys
Light for which to yearn
You are always waiting
For me to return

My soul has come to realize
Through moments of Your grace
Dwelling in Your Presence
You are my happy place


Praying in our place
One of unknown known
Binding intimate
Unseen here is shown

Drifting into being
One of no control
Exercise of inner
Growing of the soul

Language of no tongue
Word is spoken clear
Wisdom of consuming
Heaven to appear

Place of finding place
A greater story told
Gift to carry forth
Of your way to unfold