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A Song Lord

Bless me a song Lord
A psalm, soft and clear
That you love me so
My soul longs to hear

Bless me Your peace Lord
Remain ever near
Be my protection
Cast away fear

Let me trust you Lord
My soul be aware
That all that I need
Is that You are here

Help me to serve
Compassion to care
Outpouring of love
The joy that we share

Love of Presence

I am so grateful
A gift You outpoured
One of dependence
Deep in my core

You’ve blessed me a treasure
Of a greater sense
The cultivation of
The love of Presence

A thought to ponder
How did this begin
A practice of stilling
Your love dwells within

In sacred stillness
Of Your voice, be aware
You are my beloved
In soul speaking clear

My hope of desire
This treasure to share
A practice of Presence
In a quiet prayer

Nestled in Nature

A morning full of drawing
So beautiful the view
A gentle light is flowing
Here now pouring through

Sweet the invitation
Of the mourning doves coo
All of creation
Comes to pray along too

A blessing of peace
Acceptance pursue
Into one of being
Of nurturing construe

Sense of the belonging
Nothing here to do
Nestled in the nature
Of Gods embrace of you

A welcoming Spirit
Of blessing pursue
In souls of encounter
May they be drawn into

Senses of the Spirit

Of things unseen
We are aware
Though we don’t see
We know they’re there

Warmth in the light
Caress of a breeze
Fragrance of flower
A song of heart, seize

Through practice of soul
Development to strive
Known within the Spirit
Beyond our senses, five

Receiving of Your love
Practicing of joy
Peace, faith, and hope
Treasures to employ

Senses of the Spirit
Of blessings to be shown
Eye which cannot see
But of the soul is known

Joy in the Sparrow

Can I find joy in the sparrow
Found in this moment right here
A practice of being of Presence
A gift that our God wants to share

May I remain in the moment
Letting the flying bird go
Seeking the treasures unseen
Gifts that the Spirit bestows

Dwelling in peace of the moment
Away from the me now to drift
Receiving your love ever present
An offer of gratefulness, lift

Let me be one of the moment
Time of eternity find
Presence of love and of peace
Sharing the gifts of divine

A Morning Full

A morning full of color
A moving to invoke
Beauty of the being
Of dawning light to soak

A morning full of sound
Sweet the song of praise
Awakening the soul
Of offering to raise

A morning full of peace
Of still serenity
Drawing of the soul
Into the love of Thee

A morning full of prayer
One with our Creator
That calls the soul unto
Something of the greater

Deep Is the Stillness

In time of Your Presence
An offer herein
Deep is the stillness
Of drawing within

Desire of soul
Our answer is clear
A thirsting of need
Oh Lord, lead us there

One of the center
Foundation of view
Soul of the seeing
Through the lens of You

In our joys and sorrows
Whatever we face
We’re safe and secure
Deep in Your embrace

Sun, Moon and You

Sometimes you can catch it
When the days just begun
A moment to ponder
When the moon meets the sun

Two friends of the greeting
Of day and the night
One the reflection
Of the others bright light

The sun is the source
Of our view every day
The moon shares his presence
When the friend seems away

A gift of rejoicing
In the sunrise he sends
A blessing of colors
Singing, well done my friend

Found in this blessing
A call to us this day
To shine in the shadows
The light in the same way

Sweet Presence Be

Sweet, sweet Presence be
God of all eternity
An offering, now for free
Come my Lord and dwell in me

Sweet, sweet Presence be
Endless gift of Your mercy
An offering, now for free
Come my Lord and in cleansing me

Sweet, sweet Presence be
Wisdom of divinity
An offering, now for free
Come my Lord in guiding me

Sweet, sweet Presence be
Love to share unselfishly
An offering, now back to Thee
Come my Lord, and flow through me

Palette of Silence

Let us be attentive
May the soul be aware
For the voice of silence
Always speaks here

Though the sky be cloudy
Or darkness appears
The light of silence
Always shines clear

When feeling lonely
Do not despair
The Word of silence
Of His love is shared

The language of Presence
In the soul to hear
For the palette of silence
Forms the foundation of prayer