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Blessed Day

Oh blessed be this day
Covered in your grace
Love outpoured in blessings
Wrapped in Your embrace

A will begins its choices
A seed within the heart
View of this day’s journey
Let Spirit now impart

Leading with humility
Loves decision true
Wisdom in perspective
Of a Godly view

Heart please seek Your lonely
Let beauty be the prize
Found in pause of silence
Bond to exercise

Hope in God divine
Who never disappoints
Seeking of the Holy
A bond that He anoints

Let joy abound within
The grace that we receive
Hold fast unto His promise
Live what we believe!

Just Beyond

Beyond the world of which we see
Just on the edge of what we know
Intertwined so purposely
To open soul you long to show
In quiet pause of daybreak rise
In whispered colors sweet
In breath of breeze blessed on the cheek
A movement of retreat
A sparkles shine on crest of wave
Erupting bloom of growth
In rising joy of sharing souls
One light found in the both
In touching hand or dancing step
A lighter way to be
A constant drawing to the One
Our God we long to see
Awareness drawn to things unseen
Known in our being deep
What a joy to view Your seen
This vision may I keep

Tendered Soul

I offer in this moment
A tender wounded soul
Placed fully in Your trust
Healing needed whole

I pray for angels tending
With touch of grace bestowed
I pray for Spirit kneading
Surrounded overflowed

May it please be molded
By Creators master skill
Soft in its surrender
Formed to do Your will

So grateful in this blessing
Embrace welcomed by You
Through door opened by Savior
Eternal hope in turning to

Let rest be in the knowing
Safe within Your hands
Massage of Spirit blessing
Aligned within Your plans

Just a Minute

Give me a minute
That’s all that I need
Pause now in silence
The rush now, concede

I just want to love you
In silence of heart
A message of wisdom
I wish to impart

I’m here if you need me
In your busy day
Just turn to my light
If you lose your way

When people frustrate you
Not filling your needs
When treasures you’ve purchased
Leave empty your dreams

Know that I offer
Gifts blessed from above
Peace, joy and hope
Unconditional love

I leave you a blessing
I cherish your soul
Let my love dwell within you
With peace I console



Question that was intimate
A friend once asked of me
How do you describe
Our God in which you see

First thought was one of softness
A touch found in the light
Love embraced completely
A brilliance, beyond white

A wise man did once say
This wisdom he unveiled
If God’s what you imagined
Understanding you have failed

And so I just receive
I be with Him in love
Pouring out my heart
Accepting gifts above

I feel a tender touch
Caress in a soft breeze
Guiding ways of thought
Placing soul at ease

I bask in warming light
Know its cast on all
Nothing that is earned
In open heart it falls

He is our God eternal
Love His only name
Desire of unquenching
Mercy He proclaims

We are but countless waves
Carried in the flow
Reflection of the being
That all souls long to know

Eternal are His treasures
Nothing else compares
He offers us His kingdom bring
In giving what He shares