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One Love of Being

Let me dwell in the vision
Of Father and of Son
With Spirit now flowing
Your will now be done

The created in grace
From blessings above
With the one uncreated
Bonded in love

One love of being
In which all can be seen
In the heart of our God
We all now commune

Through Jesus our Lord
The door opened wide
In the union beloved
Let this heart reside

Soul Entrusted

Stilling soul in moment
To dwell within Your light
Embrace of love consuming
Lifted up so bright

A grace blessed in our sharing
I give my soul to You
Of now within forever
Your love is known so true

When birth was graced to me
A spark of light instilled
You loved me into being
Blessed with a free will

My will surrender to You
Souls light bind to You now
In time of souls restoring
A practice to endow

For when earths path has ended
A choice before Your door
We’ll smile both together
As we’ve done this all before


Sky of cloudless blue
Reflects a greater place
An ocean of Your love
With drops of endless grace

The evergreen stands tall
With arms of timeless praise
Through heat and bitter cold
From purpose never strays

A stilling pond of peace
Reflects Your beauty found
Shines the hope within
Your Presence that surrounds

The leaf of movement slow
Opens to Your light
Nourished by the wisdom
Absorbed in silence bright

Upon a whispered breeze
Uplifting song of joy
Leaps the solemn soul
A movement to deploy

A Gentle Touch

Your light shines on my shoulder
Bursting through the gray
Awaken Spirit blessing
Your message here this day

Reminder in the touching
Of gentleness beyond
Your presence dwells within
My soul, of which Your fond

Let lightness be my Spirit
A gentle way to be
My shepherd guides this lamb
In way of touching me

A movement of the heart
A wisp of silent breeze
A choice is blessed before
An opportunity to seize

So let me live aware
Your Spirit here to bring
Your gentle way of being
Be our offering


From whence the autumn leaves
Fall in colors dawning
Presence now abounds
A new beginning spawning

Peace connecting soul
Stir new awakenings
Rejoice in grace filled light
Birthed by Gods love calling

Tranquil is the silence
That draws into the now
Grateful speaks the heart
In bond that You allow

Light begins the step
In moving in the way
A soul receives its charge
A carrier today

Looking out Looking in

Looking out through senses seen
Through wounds that skew the view
Ensnared with pride and ego thoughts
Let me see the true

Looking in with faith unseen
To God who dwells within
Align my will with the one
Who saves us from our sin

Looking out with path reset
A vision through the light
With humble heart I take a step
Intent to do what’s right

Looking in throughout my day
Attentive to Your will
I find my strength within Your love
And all my needs You fill

Great Light

All of creation
Reflects Your great light
A touch of grace precious
Shining being bright

Within the light of calling
Fulfillment of Your plan
Encouragement to be
The being who I am

Your Spirit blessed within
An ember of Your flame
Ignite with Word of love
The truths of which we claim

Not from our power be
But purpose from above
Focus turn from self
Reflecting Your great love

Stretching Hands

Lord of stretching hands
In passion You endured
Surrendering to God
Precious blood outpoured

In Peters desperate cry
In sinking in the waves
Rescued lack of faith
The need that all souls crave

In healing wounded souls
In stretching withered hands
We reach out in hope
In filling of You plans

May I stretch my hands
As humble servant prays
In reaching out to You
To those who’ve lost their way

Blessed in holiness
In touching of Your grace
Eternal hands are stretching
Joy in Your embrace

Another Sunrise

I have not prayed for a sunrise
I just assume it will be
A treasure taken for granted
One way in which God blesses me

Sometimes I don’t even notice
My gaze is turned other ways
My God isn’t hurt or discouraged
He’ll continue to seek me this day

Sometimes its gray and it’s boring
Like God understands the routine
In moment, light bursts forth in glory
Hope is displayed in the seen

Sometimes it captures my being
I can’t help but fall down in awe
Surrounded in grace and His beauty
My soul turns to Him to withdraw

Sometimes I marvel in wonder
In this painting of God’s perfect way
Causing all of creation to pause now
Praising Him for the gift of this day

So I’ll pray for tomorrow a sunrise
For the gift of His love here this day
Gratefulness birthed in His beauty
Attentiveness turning His way

Let sunlight serve as reminder
In vision see clearly this day
That everything seen is a blessing
To thank God along my way