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A Little Prayer

Throughout my Mothers’ life
A need with me she’d share
My child, would you?
Say a little prayer

For a friend suffering
Or her need, unknown
For the world’s troubles
An act of faith, shown

And through her asking
Taught humility
The one who I needed
Here needed me

As a small child
Showed what I could do
That even one little
Has such great value

Blessed this lesson
That touched my heart
Bound in Christs’ body
To play a part

And so here my friend
I’ll practice this too
Would say one for me?
And I’ll say one for you


The treasures of heaven
Receive them today
And if we want more
Simply give them away

Where can we find peace
Through soul with a prayer
In Presence surrounding
To simply be here

To be joy filled
Here is the way
A practice to be
Simply grateful this day

Our purpose of life
The great question of
So easy the answer
Just simply to love

A Morning

You painted a morning
Of beauty, astound
Such a masterpiece
Of colors abound

You sung a morning
Of silence, profound
A glorious psalm
Without a sound

You bless the morning
Just look all around
From heaven above
To here on the ground

Did you send this morning
So I could be found
Here in this moment
As your Presence surrounds

Be, Be, Be

Be, be, be a tree
When you change
I see beauty

Be, be, be a bird
Sing your song
Let it be heard

Be, be, be a dog
Be a cat
Or be a frog

Be be truly me
Be who God
Calls us to be

You be you
And I’ll be me
There’s no one else
Like you and me

Together we’re
Gods family
On this great earth
Of one we be

Special Place

And you sent a word
From your special place
Of your inner thoughts
Shared a sacred space

You painted a vision
In the setting light
A movement occurring
Of stirring insight

You spoke to the love
That never ends
A response glorious
To the heart here it sends

You witnessed a sunset
Of such great beauty
But greater still
That you shared it with me

You gave a gift
Of blessing so great
I hold in my soul
And still contemplate


Come to watch the light shine
Though nothing’s there to see
Only through reflection
The colors come to be

Come to feel the wind blow
Though nothing’s really there
Only through the movement
It’s affects appear

Come listen to the silence
Though nothing to be heard
Only through our faith
Will we hear the Word

Come seek the divine
Though there’s no human way
Only through the Spirit
With vision, let us pray

Isaiah 4-5

And on that day
Let all souls say
Give to our Lord
Our thanks and pray

Make known his deeds
Let all exclaim
Remember now
Exalt His name

Praise the Lord
Our song to sing
For He has done
Glorious things

Call on His name
Let this be known
Throughout the land
Gratefulness shown

Gratitude Can

Gratitude can
Be transforming
To turn common days
Into thanksgiving

Gratitude can
Cast a new view
To turn routine things
With joy flowing through

Gratitude can
Change things, ordinary
Into great blessings
How extraordinary!

Gratitude can
Be a constant prayer
When we thank our God
For the blessings He shares

“Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings.” —William Arthur Ward


Beautiful this dawning
One of soul’s delight
Hues of many colors
In gradients of light

Insight of reflection
Of view to profess
Vision of the spectrum
Of many ways we’re blessed

Knit by our Creator
Hues of many souls
View of heaven shining
We each are blessed a role

Holiness of being
A great reflection of
A hue of the sharing
The spectrum of His love