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Heart Words

Words that are not flesh
Remain such, just “as words”
Do not affect our lives
Power is not heard

If one says “I love you”
Without emotion deep
They do more harm than good
Connection is not reaped

But if the same is spoken
Flowing from the heart
Something special happens
As new life they impart

It is of importance
That we keep in touch
With our source of words
Not just speak them much

Great is our temptation
A “pleaser” to us be
If just of pleasing words
No roots in our words be

In our hearts be rooted
Word within the way
Taking time in silence
Words of heart we pray

Based upon text from Henri Nouwen’s Bread for the Journey


Word Unique

At day of Pentecost
Such excitement sprung
That they all did hear
In their native tongue

It echoes to this day
That we each do hear
Our God of voice unique
To us does appear

Found within the Word
Encounter of a friend
Beauty of creation
A message to soul send

Whispered to every soul
Throughout all of time
One voice different ways
Your gift of word divine

Morning Lifts

Witness of moment
As morning sun lifts
In just being here
We’re offered a gift

Clouds of up high
Change from white to pink
Horizon is birthed
In violet to drink

Every bird pauses
With song that they know
Turn towards the light
And bask in warm glow

Every heart joins
In raising creation
With praise of uplifting
A great celebration

Tale of Two Wolves

Grandfather and grandson
Blessed time aware
Grandfather has a story
One of life to share

Fight going inside me
Two wolves’ battle true
I think that you’ll realize
They are in you too

One of them the bad wolf
In evil does reside
Hatred, anger, fear
Arrogance and pride

Second is the good wolf
Filled with humility
Sharing love and kindness
Fueled with bravery

Grandson asks a question
Which winner does proceed?
Grandfather softly shares
“The one in which you feed”

(Based upon words from a poem of unknown author)

What To Do Here?

In great sky of darkness
In oceans of fear
Can be overwhelmed
What to do here?

Come close my child
Withdrawing in prayer
Dwell in my love
To be aware

A candle of hope
For those in despair
Drop of compassion
Kindness to share

Go upon journey
Sent with gifts prepared
A kingdom to build
Faith to declare

Pieces Broken

A wonderful journey
When Your light we seek
Guided by Spirit
Each one unique

One of the human
Emotions a flare
Desires and needs
And sin that we share

Inside a soul
So precious to You
One of connection
The true self shine through

Each with the giftings
With purpose of way
A brick of the kingdom
That we each portray

From these pieces broken
Mosaic You create
Into portrait beautiful
Stained glass window great

Mist of Being

A gaze into
This morning’s view
An easy path
Of avenue

An offered mist
From water lifts
Unto the light
A prayer adrift

Twisting, turning
Dancing free
Praising, singing
Rejoice to be

How beautiful
This silence song
Oh carry me
With soul along

Message clear
Of deep insight
A being gift
Of seeking light