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Ever Thank

How can you ever thank
Or ever to repay
The one how formed your values
Of your life to this day

Through self-sacrifice
Love they gave away
Living what they preached
Always on display

Sharing of their faith
Truth and integrity
Putting others first
In humility

Gratefulness so deep
Of the words beyond
The best way to thank you
Is to pass it on

Lead Our Way

Through conversations
Of our souls to share
Lord, nourish the soil
Your grace in this prayer

May we be honest
Our hearts to reveal
Don’t try to be holy
Just try to be real

Souls that are humble
Of no judgement be
Full of compassion
And vulnerability

To bind in our wounds
A place of healing
Light cast on all
To Spirit appealing

My we feel Your Presence
With love that surrounds
Lord, lead our way
In joy that abounds

Keeps Calling

Waking this morning
To start my routine
A step into dawning
And glance at the scene

In stillness and silence
Of such beauty here
So easy to be
In this place of prayer

A shower, some coffee
I go on my way
Thinking of work
To start my day

But something is stirring
An urging of stalling
A whisper above
The sunrise keeps calling

A desire of being
Of light to outpour
Won’t you stay with me
I want to bless more

There Is A Time

There was a time
Of darkness on earth
God sent His Son
Through a virgin’s birth

There was a time
The Word He conveyed
Sharing God’s love
And showing the way

There was a time
When it seemed, all was lost
When evil prevailed
He was hung on a cross

There was a time
His rising appeared
With great rejoicing
The truth was shared

If there’s ever a time
For our world to pray
To turn and acknowledge
Yes, He is risen today!


(Mark 14:51-52 Mark 16:5)

At the time of His passion
A young man appears
A question to Mark
Why is he there?

In Gethsemanes garden
Where Jesus did pray
They tried to seize him
But he ran away

He wore a garment
Of a simple white
That’s called a sindona
He left it in fright

He appears in the tomb
Where Jesus was raised
To women, he spoke
They were amazed

Now in reflection
It’s clear to see
That this disciple
Represents you and me

For this is the clothing
For the baptized
We hide in our fear
But in Jesus we rise

( https://www.wordonfire.org/resources/homily/ 3/28/21 and 4/4/21)

Follower of Jesus

To be a follower
Of Jesus to pursue
Go where He would go
And do what he would do

Holding at the center
The poor and the excluded
Marginalized and outcast
The lonely ones, secluded

Dear souls to look after
Ones to look out for
Truly looking at
Compassion in our core

For it is the needy
That our Lord responds to
Remember I’m dependent
Let me be needy too

Light of Reflection

In Church of the dwelling
An insight to gaze
The light of reflection
In so many ways

Through the stained glass
On bright and gray days
A humble gift shared
On altar it lays

Of gold tabernacle
On candlesticks, blaze
Of instruments, holy
Of crucifix praise

To stir deep our prayer
Your insight, amaze
The reflection of soul
Of Your light, always

A Welcoming Spirit

In silence of morning
With soul to hear it
In the dawning light
A welcoming Spirit

Within Your Presence
Come now, draw near it
The love found within
Your welcoming Spirit

Bind with my soul
Desire, endear it
Let my presence be
A welcoming Spirit

In encounters this day
Lord, may we share it
Your embrace of love
A welcoming Spirit

Find Our Way

Can we just be honest?
Humble here today
Each of us is seeking
Just to find our way

We don’t have the answers
A mask we each do wear
Underneath the surface
Is nervousness and fear

Let us be vulnerable
Our humanness, profess
In binding of the sharing
That we are a mess

With encouragement
That we know the way
In following our Savior
Together let us pray