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Sharing the Wonder

A greeter of sunrise
Oh Lord, let me be
A dweller of light
A gazer at sea

Resting on green grass
Daydreamer of sky
Rejoicing in flowers
Ascend mountains high

Seeker of silence
It’s song to be heard
An afternoon stroller
A singer with birds

Friend of the sunset
Transfixed by fire
Lost in the stars
Life stories acquire

Cherishing time
Of these moments few
To ponder and wander
Through a window of You

A Practice of Grace

In words of scripture great
Way of Spirit wander
Reflections of our life
Taking time to ponder

In uncertain times
Behold I am the Lords
Be it done unto me
According to thy word

In good times and in bad
Let my soul glorify
Our Lord of precious love
Through Him be magnified

When friend ask for advice
The Lord let us pursue
With these simple words
Do what He tells you

To trust in you fully
A practice to embrace
Friend of the word true
To grow within His grace