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Portrait of You

A glorious dawning
Soft and serene
A masterpiece painted
An inspiring scene

A canvas of Spirit
A palette of grace
Becoming of prayer
Of welcomed embrace

A fresh page of silence
Of peace offers calm
Upon which creation
Sings its sweet psalm

Arise now the soul
To offer unto
A reflection of love
Of the portrait of You

A Gift from Above

He shared his story
Of state of oppression
Finding himself
In lonely depression

A friend by his side
With gift to bestow
A portrait of vision
Of Mary to know

Through prayer of devotion
Found His Word of love
A blessing instilled
A gift from above

His rock of foundation
Of truth that is known
Though still can be lonely
He’s never alone

Now he paints a vision
Through gift of divine
One to be blessed
All in God’s time

Portrait of Reflection

A portrait frozen
In the cool autumn air
A reflection of beauty
Of now to appear

Clarity’s focus
Of breath nice and slow
A stillness of moment
We’re gifted to know

Light of abundance
Peace of the view
An embrace of being
We’re welcomed into

A moment to cherish
In warmth from above
Through soul of the gazing
With our God of love