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Posture of Prayer

Bend the knees in surrender
Of Your grace granted to me
Oh Lord, bless me the gift
To pray with humility

Let the hands come together
Symbol of our unity
To cradle the treasure of Spirit
Love binding You into me

Bless the back strong and straight
To shoulder the cross in my view
Rooted in our gift of faith
With courage to speak Your Word true

Lifting the head in hope
Allowing your light to shine through
Settings souls gaze on Your face
One of Your heavenly view

Close now the eyes into vision
Of wisdom for soul to see
That all is born of Your love
One of simplicity

Empty the heart of this beggar
With need of a wanting to share
Filling it full of compassion
With pure love beyond all compare

Tend now the soul of the needy
Rejoice in the blessings bestowed
Proclaiming the joy of Your kingdom
Sharing Your gifts overflowed

A Posture of Prayer

A moment of pause
Acknowledgement here
One of Your Presence
A posture of prayer

Two come together
Creating a space
In meeting of hands
Dependent on grace

Bless now a stillness
Attention turn to
In time of the soul
Of the inner view

A moving intention
Trust the Spirits flow
Bless connection divine
For the soul to know

A Posture of Lifting

Within the sunrise
In dawning of gifting
One to encourage
A posture of lifting

In night of darkness
In times of despair
Dependence of You
In lifting of prayer

In light of compassion
Through love that You send
With heart of the humble
To lift up a friend

In gifts receiving
Gratefulness raise
Song of rejoicing
Lift up our praise

Eyes to the heaven
Lifting of giving
Ascension of higher
This wisdom of living