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The Power of Prayer

When all is hopeless
In times of despair
Remember to turn to
The power of prayer

When they say it’s useless
Don’t waste your time here
Don’t underestimate
The power of prayer

When there’s no answer
Still persevere
For we place our trust in
The power of prayer

When miracles happen
Our story to share
So, all can rejoice in
The power of prayer

Power of Presence

Something within
Of the soul is gnawing
A simple response
To answer the drawing

Through the church door
Real is the knowing
The power of Presence
Is here, overflowing

In deep stillness
Flows peace in the air
A nourishing silence
The Word received clear

Bound in one body
With every soul here
A beautiful binding
Of heaven to share

Easy surrender
Of falling into
Deep the desire
To stay here with You

Oh, The Light

Oh, the power
Oh, the light
Oh, the shining
Radiance bright

Oh, the simple
Humble might
Presence here
Within our sight

Oh, the mercy
From our plight
Oh, the grace
Of cleansing white

Oh, the wisdom
Heavens’ height
Gift to share
Of Your insight

Oh, the binding
Souls delight
Of the love
Embrace so tight