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A Practice of Thanksgiving

Through the gift of Spirit
Let us each believe
A practice of Thanksgiving
For us to receive

Please extend the gift
Of hospitality
Welcoming whatever
Our great God sends to me

When stress comes to visit
Embrace here with peace
Give it to our Lord
Free to be released

Offer of Thanksgiving
Of time and talents share
To each blessed soul
For gifts that they prepare

And for those complaining
Not what they deserve
A helping of forgiveness
Mercy may they be served

With each soul encountered
You love them through and through
Help me to love them too

Nurturing our being
With each fork we raise
May it come with words
Of offering God praise

A stack of dirty dishes
Be my chance to bless
A gift to those I love
With a moments rest

To feast on gratefulness
Consuming now right here
To reap the fruit of joy
In blessings everywhere

Practicing the Opposite

People of the seeking
Taking of control
Reward of our earning
For needs of the soul

Practicing the opposite
Becoming now aware
For what we need
Can be found right here

Letting God find you
Here now to believe
Will, surrendering
His love to receive

A blessed view of turning
Of center not of me
One within your being
To share the grace of Thee

A Practice of Dwelling

An invitation
From Jesus to see
A practice of dwelling
Of us to be

A dwelling with Jesus
Of being to know
Allowing the gifts
Of the Spirit to flow

And over time
Blessed by his grace
Our dwelling becomes
Gods dwelling place

A fragrance of peace
A place where love grows
A dwelling of Jesus
Wherever we go

A Practice of Grace

In words of scripture great
Way of Spirit wander
Reflections of our life
Taking time to ponder

In uncertain times
Behold I am the Lords
Be it done unto me
According to thy word

In good times and in bad
Let my soul glorify
Our Lord of precious love
Through Him be magnified

When friend ask for advice
The Lord let us pursue
With these simple words
Do what He tells you

To trust in you fully
A practice to embrace
Friend of the word true
To grow within His grace