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Pray a Prayer

Pray a prayer of presence
Of bountiful beauty
Sing a song of silence
Come Spirit dwell in me

Hum a hymn so humbly
To settle the soul still
Say a psalm so softly
Surrendering the will

Savor Spirit slowly
Gifts of gracious grace
Heal the heart with hope
With gratefulness embrace

Let the light now linger
Within our being whole
The power of Your love
Soaking in the soul

Trust in the true treasure
Of knowing to receive
Form a firm foundation
With faith to believe

Don’t Let the Words

Let humbleness rein
When trying to pray
For don’t let the words
Get in the way

So easy to do
True feelings impart
Flowing of all
Right from your heart

Truth of unspoken
One of outpouring
A finding of grace
Our God of adoring

So good for the soul
This practice to be
In binding in God
The freeing of me

We Can Only Pray

We just want to fix it
Solution to find
To be in control
For our peace of mind

There are so many times
We don’t know what to say
When there is no answer
And we can only pray

We want to be God
But it is not so
Reminder to turn
With our letting go

Let us begin this day
Your Word to proclaim
We place all hope and trust
In Your Holy Name!

What Can I Pray for You?

You sought the connection
One of the greater view
Offering intention
What can I pray for you?

A pause within my heart
Of thought to brush away
Not to burden you
Of nothing that I say

Let me take that back
Of treasure passing by
May I share my needs
Let the soul reply

With my deepest struggles
Or souls placed in my way
When my requests are shared
From what can you I pray?

When we meet again
Great binding there will be
To share what God has done
Rejoice in His glory

Through Surrender We Pray

Eyes without seeing
Vision so clear
In silence complete
Your love we hear

Intimate touching
Beyond layers of skin
Drifting into
We barely begin

Wisdom absorbing
By just receiving
Faith of instilling
To be of believing

Past senses human
In Spirit of way
In Presence of being
Through surrender we pray