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Notre Dame

This building great
A blessed space
To contemplate

As arches rise
Unto above
No limit of
Your precious love

Through filtered light
Of windows rose
Your beauty shines
On each soul choose

Through will of man
Each stone is laid
Through grace of God
His Church is made


Remnants of Prayer

Soul is left changed
In remnants of prayer
Proof of encounter
Of meeting You here

Peace is the fragrance
That dwells in the air
Tender the moment
Of time that we shared

Holy the light
Of the afterglow
Fruits of the Spirit
That You have bestowed

May the fire still linger
Throughout all the day
In fading to embers
Again, let us pray

Your True Security

In our prayer this morning
No words need to flow
Wrapped with My arms
My love, let me show

Practice of receiving
Come now let it go
Challenges before you
Yes my child, I know

Focus of the changing
From fears unto Me
Gaze of loved bestowing
Light of grace to see

Rest in faith of knowing
Forever you will be
In my embrace of dwelling
Your true security

Gift of Belovedness

A treasure awaits
Unclaimed gift of love
Of our belovedness
From our God above

We are loved completely
Not based on what we do
Let us embrace it fully
In our soul ring true

Fruit sprouts from its truth
Of resounding joy
Light of You emitting
Love to share, employ

Engrain in the soul
Echo through and through
In everyone you meet
They’re His beloved too!

A Whisper of Violet

A whisper of violet
Is blessed from the night
A gift to the morning
Seen bound in the light

A message of wisdom
For reflective souls here
Of God’s providence
Speaking so clear

Of yesterday’s worries
And fear of unknown
Today is dispelled
The way of God shown

As child beloved
The Lord by our side
Never forsaken
In our soul, faith reside

Through Surrender We Pray

Eyes without seeing
Vision so clear
In silence complete
Your love we hear

Intimate touching
Beyond layers of skin
Drifting into
We barely begin

Wisdom absorbing
By just receiving
Faith of instilling
To be of believing

Past senses human
In Spirit of way
In Presence of being
Through surrender we pray


The barrier dispersed
By veil You split in two
Unveiling of the kingdom
Of great light shining through

Treasure of all mankind
The love that You outpour
Invitation offered
Through Your open door

One of the eternal
Calling still this day
Through a body broken
In Jesus let us pray

Surrendering our will
Grateful eternally
Humble be our heart
Of You, let us be