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A gift everyday
To find we’re alive
When we awake
And open our eyes

Up out of bed
The kitchen we find
With a cup of coffee
We awaken our mind

Time to clean up
With a shower begin
With soap and hot water
We awaken our skin

We’re ready to go
The world now to face
But we forgot
This thought to embrace

A time to pause
And give up control
With intentional purpose
To awaken the soul

To soak in the sunrise
Or dwell in the Word
A prayer of the stilling
The Spirit be heard

Into Great

Into great Presence
In here of above
Bringing my fear
To Your ocean of love

Into great peace
Of comfort revealing
Bring my suffering
To Your great healing

Into great wisdom
The gift of insight
Through Word of scripture
To Your holy light

Into the great banquet
Of Your living bread
Bringing my hunger
To You to be fed

The Precious Way

Dependent on a being
One that I can’t see
Connection through the soul
That He is loving me

Guided by a Spirit
That the ear can’t hear
A knowing in the soul
That He is dwelling near

Hope within a faith
Of not completely known
Through insights of the soul
The precious way is shown

Wisdom in the Word
Of seed that scripture sends
The promise for the soul
Of One that never ends

The Colors Appear

In time before dawning
Just shades of gray here
Through blessing of light
The colors appear

A sacred vision
Of wisdom to see
From human senses
To grow spiritually

Beyond mortal beings
A free gift of the will
Is offered to all
Our soul to fulfil

So come into the light
And claim the great prize
Of treasures above
To see with new eyes

Ascending Into

A gift of the morning
Of a blessing here
Ascending into
A cloud of prayer

Truth here before us
How little we see
So much of our life
Is a mystery

An offer so great
Assistance God sends
Of the Holy Spirit
As our guiding friend

So, open our view
Of vision so great
Through eyes of the soul
To contemplate

Souls of the Center

All throughout the scriptures
Jesus to us mentored
The excluded and poor
He places at the center

Encountering these souls
A treasure to pursue
Children of the kingdom
Ones, closer than you

For they’ve something
To teach you this day
And to bless you
In a new way

A spiritual wealth
Of a new dimension
Let us be vulnerable
Without condescension

If we are serious
To be His people, true
May they be at the center
Of all our lives too

Different Way

In native cultures
A different way, seeing
A good education
Is a way of being

A practice of soul
Of simply to be
To just sit and look
When there’s nothing to see

A practice of presence
To be aware
To just sit and listen
When there’s nothing to hear

When lost in the moment
A blessing divine
In losing yourself
It’s yourself that you find

Two Sounds

Come outside, my child
Draw deep the morning air
Two sounds fill the silence
Wisdom in its prayer

Drone of distant traffic
Of world that lay ahead
With soft song of a bird
Let my soul be fed

The being of the now
In stillness that abounds
The word that we are loved
Of Spirit that surrounds

Form now the foundation
Through this day to see
Returning to this vision
To re-center me

Wildflowers and Weeds

The way the wind blows
Fruit of the seeds
A pasture of vision
Wildflowers and weeds

The way of the world
Of evil and good
The battle beyond
The choice understood

The way of the will
Temptation and Spirit
A call of desire
Each we do hear it

The way of the soul
Of garden to tend
Appealing to God
For His gardener, send

The way of heaven
Of rising above
Of all growth today
Let our way be love