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Blessed in every morning
A message shining clear
Of God of abundance
His blessings everywhere

Morning of sunrise
Of vision to see
The infinite ray’s
Outpouring from Thee

In this blessed morning
To the soul is heard
So many sweet songs
Are sung by the birds

Vast is the pasture
Upon the grass lays
Lord, You bless abundance
In so many ways

Oh God of love
Of generous heart
Let our soul share
Of Your gifts to impart

Lets share in the message
Your blessings outpour
When we give away
You’ll bless even more

Vessel of Peace

In peace of the morning
Of offering prayer
Within God’s creation
No evils found here

No one to slander
Control or to shove
No heart of judgement
All one of God’s love

Evil is spread
Born through man’s heart
Prayer, our vaccine
God’s love to impart

Receiving God’s love
To begin our day
A vessel of peace
To bless in His way

I Surrender to You

Help me to remember
In this day blessed anew
These words of wisdom
Lord, I surrender to You

When I am stressed
With so much to do
To know Your in control
Lord, I surrender to You

When the lonely or needy
Come into my view
And I’m so busy
Lord, I surrender to You

For a suffering friend
Or my needs to pursue
I’ll lift up a prayer
Lord, I surrender to You

Frustrated or anxious
These feelings lead to
Serve as a reminder
Lord, I surrender to You

Dependent on grace
When my life is through
Let my last words be
Lord, I surrender to You

Passing Through

We enter this world
With life blessed anew
From the birth canal
We’re just passing through

Each level of school
There’s learning to do
We graduate
We’re just passing through

Each stage of life
By trials we grew
Growing in wisdom
We’re just passing through

Our purpose of life
To share His Word true
The love of our God
We’re just passing through

Our focus be heaven
Remember this view
For of this world
We’re just passing through


A glorious sunset
In colors so bright
This gift blessed to us
A refraction of light

Our walk with the Lord
With joy or of strife
This day of the journey
A refraction of life

Time with our Lord
Encounter to share
Soul of transforming
A refraction of prayer

So great is our God
We view a glimpse of
For everything is
A refraction of love

Posture of Prayer

Bend the knees in surrender
Of Your grace granted to me
Oh Lord, bless me the gift
To pray with humility

Let the hands come together
Symbol of our unity
To cradle the treasure of Spirit
Love binding You into me

Bless the back strong and straight
To shoulder the cross in my view
Rooted in our gift of faith
With courage to speak Your Word true

Lifting the head in hope
Allowing your light to shine through
Settings souls gaze on Your face
One of Your heavenly view

Close now the eyes into vision
Of wisdom for soul to see
That all is born of Your love
One of simplicity

Empty the heart of this beggar
With need of a wanting to share
Filling it full of compassion
With pure love beyond all compare

Tend now the soul of the needy
Rejoice in the blessings bestowed
Proclaiming the joy of Your kingdom
Sharing Your gifts overflowed

A Sacred Stroll

When we go for a walk
This definition, know
We move away from someplace
New destination, go

But let’s practice another
To stroll while we pray
To exercise the soul
One of the Spirits way

A step into the moment
Beyond our senses here
To dwell within the light
Our soul to be aware

Soak the senses deep
Allow the soul to see
The wonders of creation
His blessings of beauty

One of greater view
Beyond the veil we hide
A practice of the knowing
The Lord is by our side

Spirit of the moving
A joy for us to be
A stroll of the sacred
Of my Lord and me

Many Unique Ways

Going about my chores
When I caught a glance
As the swallows flew by
And blessed me a dance

Walking to the mailbox
Delivered with delight
For amongst the weeds
A flower shown bright

When I was feeling lonely
Reversal of a gift
A friend reached out to me
Who needed a lift

Feeling exhausted
At the day’s end
A beauty of reflection
In a sunset You send

How wonderful our life
When we have eyes to see
The many unique ways
That God is blessing me

An Unspoken Desire

We’re souls of the searching
Of body and mind
An unspoken desire
That we seek to find

We read and we study
Consume and we buy
We ask other people
But we come up dry

With soul to go deeper
Much closer, we be
We pray and we serve
A guiding light, see

A prayer here to offer
In His love, surround
We find our answer
That we long to be found

Let You Find Me

A taste of heaven
This place of beauty
A moment’s surrender
To let You find me

A space of silence
The world to release
A resting of stillness
Where soul finds Your peace

Great is Your Presence
Of grace that surrounds
Your being in-flowing
Love that abounds

A moment of is
The I Am to be
A finding of now
To eternity