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Delivery Man

Addresses were given
Connection of the two
For a delivery
Was my task to do

From the blessed giver
To a friend in need
Connection of one love
On the way proceed

Maybe they will see me
In this joy to share
Maybe they will not
Forever unaware

A simple parable
Nothing born of me
A conduit of love
To share the grace of Thee

Let this be our purpose
Doing what we can
Blessed to be a servant
His delivery man

Who are We?

A most important question
For each of us to see
Let us think about it
One of, who are we?

Is it what we do
Our job and our vocation
Joy of the promotion
We fail, a great frustration

Is it the perspective
What others say, I hear
Pride when I am good
In gossip, find despair

Is it what I have
My house, my family
Happy in obtaining
When lost, in misery

But here now claim the truth
Our greatest joy to be
We are God’s beloved
For all eternity

Holy Air

A prayer of Your being
To know that You are here
Your Presence I’m breathing
Is One of Holy air

Drawing Spirit deep
Into lungs of warming
Flowing through the veins
A heart of transforming

Joy of the blood pumping
Extremities to fill
Love within of moving
Grace to do Your will

Light of Your emitting
Humility of care
Fragrance be of peace
Of this air, we share

Above is the Glory

Though dark be the sky
Seen within our view
Above is the glory
Of light pouring through

A giant formation
Of heavenly view
Great clouds of white
On a palette of blue

The patience soul
Of faith truly knows
The clouds will drift on
With grace God bestows

So, trust in the knowledge
Of what dwells above
With eyes of the soul
That our God is love

Our God is Real

All life’s an unveiling
Of soul to reveal
Through glimpses of love
That our God is real

Of miracles birth
Of life to instill
The first act of love
Is to bless us our will

Bonding to share
Of souls blessed to me
With acts of loves blessing
Is our family

Within everyday
Such wonders to see
Of miracles blessed
In natures beauty

A knowing beyond
Found within prayer
Word of the Spirit
A miracle, share

You are Never Alone

My child, beloved
A truth here to own
I need you to know
You are never alone

When you’re feeling lost
Seek the light shone
Find in its guiding
You are never alone

When you’re feeling down
See a flower grown
A surprise of joy
You are never alone

When you feel hopeless
Glimpse, a cardinal flown
We know in Spirit
You are never alone

For throughout my life
These feelings were known
With a love that’s forever
You are never alone

You Shared a Picture

You shared a picture
Of beautiful view
And found in the scene
What it says about you

You were attentive
Of blessings bestowed
A treasure unspoked
Of love the Lord showed

That it touched your soul
With Spirit to lift
And you thought of us
To share in the gift

Love of the binding
You brought us into
One light of sharing
Such beauty shines through

Streaming into View

A morning full of blessings
Comes streaming into view
A drawing of the calling
To let the Lord find you

Light of the outpouring
Abundance of fresh air
Peace within the silence
For appetite of prayer

Settle now in stillness
Of humble attitude
Fill the soul of Presence
One of gratitude

Here to know His passion
Of heaven pouring through
One of the receiving
To let Him love you


I woke up this morning
And sat down to pray
God shared me a Word
Of joy to shout, yay!

Of blessings to share
Throughout this day
Rejoicing together
Let us shout, yay!

Life’s a rollercoaster
Lift our arms to say
My Lord, I trust You
With Him, to shout yay!

For we are His children
So, blessed in the way
Forever we’re loved
Our soul to shout, yay!

With Jesus our Savior
His love to portray
The light always shines
All heaven shouts, yay!

A Bucket of Ocean

Time at the beach
A child was playing
A message was shared
Of wisdom conveying

A bucket of water
The child wouldn’t share
Oh, silly one
There’s an ocean out there

God of abundance
Smiled in the view
Asking what are the buckets
That you cling to?

Money or time
Love or mercy
Grace or forgiveness
Give generously!