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Breathing and Praying

And all of us breathe
Each moment each day
Sometimes we draw deep
In an intentional way

An entrance to prayer
When we begin
We say to our God
We let you in

Breathing and praying
A new view to see
That with every breath
God is praying in me

So let us acknowledge
This with every breath
For if either one stops
The result will be death

Praying In One

In solitude of being
Here my Lord, I find
With all of my beloved
I pray with you in mind

For all those suffering
A prayer with them, impart
With your burdens share
Compassion in my Heart

Those who’ve gone before me
Their love I hold deep
And their sacrifice for me
I pray in my soul deep

Through mind, heart and soul
As rays flow through the sun
In being of our souls
We all pray as one

Praying, Conveying

A closing, transposing
Perspective of view
Our praying, conveying
Our dwelling into

A lifting, of gifting
Let Spirit flow through
Descending, ascending
Our being in You

Conceding, to leading
Of way to pursue
Absorbing, transforming
In love that is You

A going of knowing
Of pathway anew
A sharing of caring
Let me be of You