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The Precious Way

Dependent on a being
One that I can’t see
Connection through the soul
That He is loving me

Guided by a Spirit
That the ear can’t hear
A knowing in the soul
That He is dwelling near

Hope within a faith
Of not completely known
Through insights of the soul
The precious way is shown

Wisdom in the Word
Of seed that scripture sends
The promise for the soul
Of One that never ends

Precious to Me

Good morning my child
Let your first thought be
One of my love
You’re so precious to me

You are a treasure
I cherish you dear
Know every moment
I am loving you here

Oh, how I love you
With my being whole
You are my delight
Know this in your soul

I am so excited
With gifts I’ve prepared
You’re the joy of my heart
More love to be shared!

State of Precious Grace

Please, carry soul into
Being of our space
Taste of Heavens’ home
A state of precious grace

Refuge of retreat
Where love illuminates
Place of the beyond
No ego dominates

One of Presence known
Where all is connected
Transformed in dwelling
Soul deeply affected

Proceed upon the way
Wrap package of “to go”
With fragrance of binding
Of Your love to flow

Just Beyond Precious

Just beyond precious
Within heaven’s door
Your gift of partaking
A grace You outpour

Bread of the living
Through body of Son
Fruit of the vine
We become One

A binding so deep
Of Your Presence be
Soul of the human
Tastes divinity

Joy overflowing
Of dwelling within
Through Your love instilled
A new path begin