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The Presence of God

Attune now your senses
Be fully aware
In beauty surrounding
God’s Presence, aware

Come now beloved
In being right here
Through Spirit of binding
God’s Presence through prayer

When 2 or more gather
Our crosses to bear
With grateful rejoicing
God’s Presence, we share

In our life of grace
Of wonder, be awed
When we are living
The Presence of God

Your Great Presence

On entrance to Your church
An overwhelming sense
That this space is filled
With Your great presence

An entrance to our prayer
A feeling so intense
Dwelling of within
Your great presence

The word spoken so clear
Past the world’s pretense
Truth within Your being
Of Your great presence

The treasure of heaven
Your love so immense
Blessed of becoming
One of Your great presence

Hear the sacred calling
Of being to dispense
An offer now of sharing
One of Your great presence

The Real — Deacon Gerry Palermo

Eucharistic Adoration precedes Eucharistic celebration.

The Real — Deacon Gerry Palermo

The Real

I treated it 

When Monstrance was 
Set before me 

A moment of  

Came over me 
So painfully 

And sweeping through
So joyfully 

The blessing of

Come, rest, learn, eat
Of Presence be

And now I see
With clarity

The truth within
This mystery

He really is

Don’t Leave Jesus Alone

A treasure of Presence
So real of believing
Another gift blessed
As I was leaving

A sign in the Church
By the door shone
Please don’t leave Jesus
Ever alone

A message to carry
Throughout my day
With eyes of the Spirit
To those of my way

The lonely, the outcast
The needy to see
And do not abandon
His Presence in me

Sacrament of Presence

Breathe my child
Become aware
Abundance of
Surrounding air

See my child
The light appear
The blessing grace
Of everywhere

Dwell my child
The soul to hear
Of Spirits breath
The voice of prayer

Be my child
In One love share
The sacrament
Of Presence here

Encounter of Presence

What is this movement
When I walk through this door
Encounter of Presence
All worries, outpour

Consuming embrace
Completely adored
The joy of surrender
As knees hit the floor

Receiving Your love
Within every pore
Showered in grace
You bless even more

Resting in silence
With the Spirit, explore
Dwelling in peace
My soul, You restore

Fragrance of Presence

On opening the door
Something here is known
A fragrance beyond senses
To the soul is known

Deep the welcoming
Of soft, gentle embrace
The fragrance of Your Presence
Fills this empty space

One of falling into
A simple being prayer
Offering my Presence
Is the response to share

Binding into One
Absorbing in above
Gratefulness for grace
To be consumed in love

Come Presence of Morning

Come Presence of morning
Of light pouring through
An opening dawning
Invitation into

Come Presence of morning
Of new birth begin
Embrace of stillness
Of welcoming in

Come Presence of morning
Sweet silent sounds
Creation to offer
One binding surrounds

Come Presence of morning
With love as its song
That calls one and all
To the One we belong

Love of Presence

I am so grateful
A gift You outpoured
One of dependence
Deep in my core

You’ve blessed me a treasure
Of a greater sense
The cultivation of
The love of Presence

A thought to ponder
How did this begin
A practice of stilling
Your love dwells within

In sacred stillness
Of Your voice, be aware
You are my beloved
In soul speaking clear

My hope of desire
This treasure to share
A practice of Presence
In a quiet prayer

Sweet Presence Be

Sweet, sweet Presence be
God of all eternity
An offering, now for free
Come my Lord and dwell in me

Sweet, sweet Presence be
Endless gift of Your mercy
An offering, now for free
Come my Lord and in cleansing me

Sweet, sweet Presence be
Wisdom of divinity
An offering, now for free
Come my Lord in guiding me

Sweet, sweet Presence be
Love to share unselfishly
An offering, now back to Thee
Come my Lord, and flow through me