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Presence to Presence

I lift up my prayer
Of an offering
All that I have
Which is nothing

A gift of Presence
Of surrender unto
In need of all
Dependent on You

Your gift Your Presence
As an offering
Divinity’s blessing
Which is everything

A binding of soaking
Of love completely
Presence to Presence
We come to be

Womb of Your Presence

Place where I was born
Life began to bloom
Home within the safety
Of my mother’s womb

Finding a returning
In dwelling here with You
In womb of Your Presence
Where souls’ blessed anew

Intimate sharing
Safe and secure
To be of one being
Of binding so pure

Nestled within
Of the inner room
A birthing of Spirit
For Your love to bloom

A Morning of Presence

A morning of Presence
Of walking into
In silence surrounded
A beautiful view

Let way be honest
Of humility
A dwelling within
Of intimacy

Love of the sharing
For the source is You
Gift of abundance
Permeate through

Filling the soul
With nothing to lack
Let nothing stop me
From pouring it back

This is Your Presence

A pause of attention
In peripheries view
This is Your Presence
Attention drawn to

Beauties encounter
Of nature’s display
This is Your Presence
A gift here this day

A soul of the needing
Encounter to see
This is Your Presence
Of one body be

Easy of knowing
Embrace to surround
This is Your Presence
When love is found

A practice partaking
Of You everywhere
This is Your Presence
In being of prayer

The Presence of Love

In grace, abundant
Of simple hearts prayer
Presence of God
Please find me here

A drawing of calling
Of focus above
State of the soul
The Presence of love

A beautiful light
Insight revealing
Gift of acceptance
Peace is the feeling

Within this moment
Of heaven’s taste know
In our God eternal
Let His perfect love flow

Souvenir From St. Marks

A chance encounter
Of two souls to see
Exchange of few words
Still affected me

Returned from a trip
Back from Italy
Quite an adventure
Of so much to see

But the highlight
Of your joy to invoke
Was what moved you the most
Of the Presence, you spoke

My soul was blessed
By the Presence right here
A moment transforming
With me that you shared

A Mornings Presence

Breathe in the morning
Bask in the light
Soak in the silence
Soul be contrite

Way of the stilling
Letting peace flow
In dawning of love
Our Lord here to know

Will be transparent
Surrender the gift
Gratitude rising
Praise here to lift

Time of resetting
In this moment, be
It’s all that I need
As You surround me