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Great Presence

How great is Your Presence
Of universe deep
Eternities glimpse
In the mind to seep

How great is Your Presence
On pasture that lies
The grace of Your light
Which shines from the sky

How great is Your Presence
Within Your Church here
Filled with the Spirit
Flowing in prayer

How great is Your Presence
In wisdom of Word
To ponder and savor
In the soul to be heard

How great is Your Presence
Mind can only begin
To fathom the depths
Of your love here within

Through Your Presence

Looking through Your Presence
Unto the other side
Desire of the heart
Of which to reside

Into the unseen
Of which the soul does know
In being of beyond
Where the Spirit flows

A finding deep within
This great mystery
The love of souls desire
Dwells inside of me

Let me be this window
Of transparency
The Presence of Your love
Through humility

Soak into Me

Power of Presence
Soak into me
Surrender complete
Of moment to be

Incense of the ages
Dwells in the air
Deep be the drawing
The Spirit of prayer

Light of eternal
Accept the invite
Shine through the soul
Radiance bright

A moving, transforming
A living in You
Carry this moment
Within daily view

Power of Presence

Something within
Of the soul is gnawing
A simple response
To answer the drawing

Through the church door
Real is the knowing
The power of Presence
Is here, overflowing

In deep stillness
Flows peace in the air
A nourishing silence
The Word received clear

Bound in one body
With every soul here
A beautiful binding
Of heaven to share

Easy surrender
Of falling into
Deep the desire
To stay here with You

People of the Presence

People of the Presence
Are fully aware
Where ever we may be
Can be a sacred prayer

Souls of silence
Living here, above
Surrendering to Spirit
Speak the Word of love

Beings of the broken
Dependent all are we
Healed and made complete
By the grace of Thee

Children of the chosen
Of faith to believe
Blessed with heavens treasure
Share what we’ve received

Lovers of the light
With radiance of glow
A fragrance of the humble
Eternal peace to know

Presence of Eternity

We can feel Presence
In a Church, empty
In a mountain forest
Or sunsets’ beauty

In soaking of silence
We become aware
One of the Presence
Of eternity, here

God all around us
This silence allows
Aware in the stillness
His Presence, right now

In silence of stillness
Our senses affected
Eternity’s presence
That all is connected

Brought to our senses
In silence, surround
For in the stillness
Our true home is found

To Know Your Presence Here

You bless every heartbeat
Every breath we share
So, intimate our binding
To know Your Presence here

When in darkest valley
A faithful turn to prayer
Comfort in the finding
To know Your Presence here

You love us completely
Compassionately care
Peace of the instilling
To know Your Presence here

Soul of the transforming
If we’re fully aware
Eternal perspective
To know Your Presence here

Presence to Presence

I lift up my prayer
Of an offering
All that I have
Which is nothing

A gift of Presence
Of surrender unto
In need of all
Dependent on You

Your gift Your Presence
As an offering
Divinity’s blessing
Which is everything

A binding of soaking
Of love completely
Presence to Presence
We come to be

Womb of Your Presence

Place where I was born
Life began to bloom
Home within the safety
Of my mother’s womb

Finding a returning
In dwelling here with You
In womb of Your Presence
Where souls’ blessed anew

Intimate sharing
Safe and secure
To be of one being
Of binding so pure

Nestled within
Of the inner room
A birthing of Spirit
For Your love to bloom

A Morning of Presence

A morning of Presence
Of walking into
In silence surrounded
A beautiful view

Let way be honest
Of humility
A dwelling within
Of intimacy

Love of the sharing
For the source is You
Gift of abundance
Permeate through

Filling the soul
With nothing to lack
Let nothing stop me
From pouring it back