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Window Clear

Pause of preparation
Before our time to pray
Let expectations flee
Let you lead the way

Soul to be just present
One of fully here
For you are excited
To bless your gifts prepared

Grateful of accepting
One of spirit flowing
Love instilled in soul
Not fully of the knowing

Practice of the way
Focus not of me
Just a window clear
Shining light of thee

Treasure of the Empty Present

A present beautiful
Underneath the tree
Unwrapping it with joy
Empty the box be

Come not disappointment
A gift to contemplate
Same as is our soul
This emptiness equate

Cherish this desire
To be filled with You
Let eye be of the soul
View gifts that we pursue

Lavished with Your blessings
All for us to share
Hope and peace and joy
Love beyond compare

Treasures of divine
Secure from rot or rust
Gift of faith is offered
In You we place our trust

Though beyond eyes sight
Eternal is their way
Store within life’s passing
Nourished when we pray

One within His body
Abundant is Your giving
Emanuel is born
In us Christ is living

Cherish here this treasure
Of emptiness so fine
Forever of the filling
With gifts of the divine