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Priority of Focus

To love and be loved
Is our greatest longing
Gods deepest desire
To fulfill our belonging

Let us make an effort
Priority great
Practice of focus
These words contemplate

In our free moments
Or dwelling of prayer
A pause in the sunrise
Right now and right here

You are my delight
I cherish, adore
Your precious to me
Let me love you some more

Let You Begin

Gotta get dressed
Grab something to eat
So much to do
And people to meet

So much to accomplish
Achieving the goal
No time to think
Who’s in control?

What is the purpose?
Of priorities set
Money or power
Or things I must get

Why the importance
Of so busy to be
What about starting
With a prayer, You and me

Of stilling the soul
Of letting You in
Oh Lord take control
And let you begin