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Purpose and Meaning

Purpose and meaning
Of equal value
But in our world
The balance is askew

For purpose, is doing
Control in our hands
For us to accomplish
That of our plans

But meaning is deeper
Us to be aware
The gift of receiving
What’s blessed to us here

We see in a child
This curiosity
To be in the moment
Absorbed, totally

Let’s focus on meaning
A practice this day
We’ll find we are living
In a greater way

(Based upon “The Way of Silence”)

Purpose of a Song

The purpose of a song
Music to us bringing
Isn’t to get it done
But the joy the singing

Nor swaying to a beat
A movement of romance
Is not to finish it
But the love of dance

Same be true of prayer
Not something to complete
Our treasure found within
With our God, we meet

And what about each day
Not something to get through
With Gods’ love and joy
Our life has true value

The Master Has Need of It

He sent His disciplines
Instructions to share
“The Master needs it”
The answer prepared

A wonderful motto
For us to apply
To think of our life
In His service, comply

Of course, God needs nothing
Allow His grace in you
So that we can share
In work he wants us to do

“It”, reminding us
A humble attitude
A servant with a purpose
With heart of gratitude

Definite Purpose

If words, we believe
We must be elated
“For definite purpose
We’ve all been created”

Let it sink in
With great comprehension
Our very existence
Is Gods intention

With us and in us
He wants to accomplish
A definite purpose
With joy be astonished

Once you perceive
Your blessed vocation
Then you must act
With great motivation