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A Question of Prayer

Was there ever a time
That I was aware
I could use grace
And didn’t need a prayer

Was there ever a soul
To show that I care
Taking some time
To offer a prayer

Was there ever a need
A worry or fear
That wouldn’t be better
By dwelling in prayer

Was there a moment
Of binding to share
To grow in Your love
By being in prayer

Was there ever minute
Such as right here
I would be blessed
By practice of prayer

This Friday Good

Down from the cross
In your arms to hold
The light of the world
Your Son’s body, cold

The greatest injustice
You witnessed here
What could be good
From this worst nightmare

Did the Spirit prepare
In your prayer, contemplate
A lifetime of faith
Of a trust so great

Perhaps you did know
Someday that we could
That we would call
This Friday good

A lesson of wisdom
Through faith let us see
When we question God
Of how can this be?