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Little Quiet Moments

In the midst of life
An offer here for free
To take a little moment
To be still and be

A moment to ponder
A change of attitude
Practicing of wonder
To foster gratitude

A moment of dwelling
With our being whole
To open to Spirit
And center the soul

A moment of vision
Perspective to see
Of the infinite ways
That Gods’ blessing me

Little quiet moments
An insight of gleaning
That seem to give the rest
Extra special meaning

How many times have you noticed that it’s the little quiet moments in the midst of life that seem to give the rest extra-special meaning?

Bless a Quiet Mind

Bless me a quiet mind
One that’s free of fear
One within Your Presence
To know You’re with me here

Bless me a quiet mind
Of my will release
To find myself within
Your precious gift of peace

Bless me a quiet mind
One that’s free to see
That within this moment
Where you want me to be

Bless me a quiet mind
One that’s free to hear
The whisper of your love
Our great joy to share

Of a Quiet Mind

Of our soul’s desire
May we seek to find
Practicing of presence
Of a quiet mind

Fruit of faithful prayer
In freeing of control
One to rest within
The stilling of our soul

Peace that Jesus brings
Sweet serenity
Allowing of the knowing
That loves surrounding me

A mind that is quiet
Means not, to do nothing
But is free to give
For it has everything

Quiet Moments

A few quiet moments
On a soft Sunday morn
A few seeds of peace
From the Spirit are born

Nurture them gently
Fostered in prayer
A dwelling within
Of gratitude share

Basking in warm light
Allow love to grow
A surrendering will
Allows faith to flow

Consume me Lord
In this soul of mine
In core of our being
Let your joy shine

A few mustard seeds
In the soul to reside
Oh Lord stretch the branches
Of Your love far and wide

Empty, Quiet Moment

The room is empty
But full is the view
Soul of the knowing
The Presence of You

Resting in quiet
Silence is heard
Wisdom is spoken
One of Your Word

The moment is frozen
All here is still
A movement of love
One of Your will

Prepare the journey
Of inner to pray
A gifting of peace
To take on the way