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Gift of Night Rain

Through lens of the Spirit
A wonderful sight
When we awoke to
The day after night

The gift of night rain
Births the air clear
With breath of new life
A fresh start found here

Fruit of its blessing
Reflecting the light
Inspires creation
To sing with delight

A beautiful vison
Of touching, divine
Let this inspiration
Flow through this soul of mine

Summer Rain

If the mind is willing
A gift of blessing found
In a summer morning
A soft loving sound

Of the cool rain falling
Gentle on the ground
Soothing to the heart
Of comforting surrounds

Finding of just being
Letting Spirit soak
A movement of the soul
Of stirring it involves

A welcoming of gifting
The grace that God provides
To nourish all the earth
In me this grace resides

Earth Baptized

This morning I witnessed
A joyous event
The earth was baptized
By gentle rain, sent

A great celebration
Birds sang in praise
Flowers’ joy blossomed
Trees branches, raised

And from the heavens
The great light appeared
A blessing to all
In this one Church we share

An offer of calling
So easy to see
Of new life reborn
To everybody

A Sacred Rain

A moisture-soaked morning
Of mist in the air
Droplets of water
Appear everywhere

Each blade of grass
Is touched with dew
A baptism of love
In soaking of view

His love is so great
Of joy unconstrained
A shower of blessing
Of a sacred rain

A sacrament holy
Of blessing outpoured
Of Word that is spoken
That all is adored

A witness of prayer
To surrender to thee
Come now oh Spirit
And saturate me

A Walk in Morning Rain

Not what I expected
First thought is to complain
Practice of accepting
A walk in morning rain

Gentle of the falling
Tepid be the air
Attune to the gifting
Of Spirit, breathing clear

Welcome drops embrace
Washing from above
Cleanse the need controlling
Refreshing gift of love

Wisdom of be-stilling
Immersion, let us pray
Rejoicing in the blessing
Of view, anew this day

One of Mornings Rain

Awakening presented
Darkness here to wain
In symphony of soul
One of mornings rain

Gentle is the lyric
Of serenating flow
Surrender to the hymn
Rhythms calling know

Scene of drawing into
Stereo’s embrace
Sound of souls formation
Lost within it’s trace

Vision of consuming
Comforting the sound
Resting into now
Peacefulness abounds

Gentle Rain

Sky devoid of color blue
The soul to ascertain
A gift bestowed today
One of gentle rain

In solitudes retreat
Encompassed in the scene
Into contemplation
Worldliness to wean

Listen now with song of heart
Caress of soul draw near
Intentional our breathing
Cleansing Spirit clear

Saturate the soil deep
Wash away past fears
Nestled in consuming love
Your inner light appear