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A Walk in Morning Rain

Not what I expected
First thought is to complain
Practice of accepting
A walk in morning rain

Gentle of the falling
Tepid be the air
Attune to the gifting
Of Spirit, breathing clear

Welcome drops embrace
Washing from above
Cleanse the need controlling
Refreshing gift of love

Wisdom of be-stilling
Immersion, let us pray
Rejoicing in the blessing
Of view, anew this day

One of Mornings Rain

Awakening presented
Darkness here to wain
In symphony of soul
One of mornings rain

Gentle is the lyric
Of serenating flow
Surrender to the hymn
Rhythms calling know

Scene of drawing into
Stereo’s embrace
Sound of souls formation
Lost within it’s trace

Vision of consuming
Comforting the sound
Resting into now
Peacefulness abounds

Gentle Rain

Sky devoid of color blue
The soul to ascertain
A gift bestowed today
One of gentle rain

In solitudes retreat
Encompassed in the scene
Into contemplation
Worldliness to wean

Listen now with song of heart
Caress of soul draw near
Intentional our breathing
Cleansing Spirit clear

Saturate the soil deep
Wash away past fears
Nestled in consuming love
Your inner light appear