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Let You Be Real

Who are you Jesus
That I seek to find?
A mystery great
Of man and divine

Healer, consoler
Where wisdom is found
Hope of the lost
Turns the world upside down

Move out of the box
With truth to reveal
A friendship to grow
Please let You be real

Let go of perception
In prayer, may You just be
With transforming love
Found in humility

Feeling So Real

How can the unseen
Feel here so real?
Awareness in soul
Your Presence reveals

In cloud of unknowing
Way accessible
Divine mystery
Is so tangible

A step of submitting
Submerging into
Embrace of accepting
Surrounded in You

Gift of absorption
Of grace, love and peace
One day eternal
This taste never cease

Presence Real

On knee before You
With an offered prayer
Please bless this time
In Your presence here

In power of Presence
Please now be real
Of mysteries gift
To human reveal

Cast away doubt
Spirit flow through
True faith believing
The graces of You

Open the gateway
Let us adore
Unbounded surrender
Flow though my pores

Oh mystery great
Past this world transcend
Let mind just believe
And let soul comprehend