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Hands Giving Receiving

Hands of giving
Hands receiving
Prayer of sharing
Soul believing

Fist of clenching
Will of mine
Releasing now
To the divine

Need extending
Open now
To grace and peace
Gifts You endow

Sins of shame
Of offer here
Forgiven now
Free and clear

Repeating now
Through open hands
The letting go
The pride of man

Fruit of the Receiving

A practice to develop
One no greater of
Truly life transforming
Receiving of God’s love

How often do we stop
To listen when we pray
To know our God is loving
Every moment of each day

When we’re stuck in traffic
Or waiting in a line
To know that I am cherished
The Word of God divine

Heart of the consuming
Love will overflow
Greater in the sharing
His joy here to know

Receiving the Morning

Oh, beautiful morning
Birth of new day
A gift here is offered
Reaction, which way?

Perhaps to ignore it
My tasks to pursue
To start fighting traffic
There’s so much to do

With mind of study
I’ll figure it out
With way of science
What it’s all about

Here to receive it
To be fully here
Through wisdoms reflection
Binding in prayer

Grace of Receiving

Something in her way
Stirred my soul believing
Grateful in her pause
Grace in the receiving

Something in her silence
Slightest head of bow
Eyes of acknowledgement
Joy arising now

Made me stop and think
Of all that I pass by
That I take for granted
Of blessings you supply

Gift a grateful heart
A way of You to weave
Everything is grace
Even how we receive