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Learn to be aware
In reflections of sight
Diamonds of joy
In water and light

Learn to be expectant
Of beauty, right here
For all is a reflection
Of light everywhere

Learn to be reflective
Through vision of soul
With faith of unseeing
A prayer of being whole

Learn to recognize
God’s reflection, seeing
Fully reunited
In our inmost being

Light of Reflection

In Church of the dwelling
An insight to gaze
The light of reflection
In so many ways

Through the stained glass
On bright and gray days
A humble gift shared
On altar it lays

Of gold tabernacle
On candlesticks, blaze
Of instruments, holy
Of crucifix praise

To stir deep our prayer
Your insight, amaze
The reflection of soul
Of Your light, always

Dusk of Reflection

Bless me be the water still
With maybe a ripple or two
Peace be of the conveying
Letting the spirit flowing through

Surround me in dusk descending
Relinquishing all of control
Easy the thought of releasing
Dwelling in time of the soul

Tranquil the pause of reflection
Grateful for graces this day
Joys and our sorrows of mixing
Sending our fears on their way

Binding now in Your protection
A closing here into Your view
A prayer offered into the darkness
With hope of light rising into

A Humble Reflection

I gaze into You
And view my reflection
All that I see
Are my imperfections

Let’s clean the window
With scripture of true
For through Your Word
Is found my value

Formed in Your image
Is what You have willed
By gift of faith
Your Spirit instilled

Yes, I am broken
Stained by my sin
Born of new being
You live within

May this be my vision
Of me seen through You
A humble reflection
Of one beautiful

The Color of Reflection

Something upon water
The way that the light shines
The color of reflection
Moves this soul of mine

One beyond the spectrum
Familiar offering
In silence of stirring
The Spirits authoring

Drawing of the deeper
A whisper of sweet prayer
Humbleness of moment
Surrender to You here

Carry soul now into
A gift of peace this day
To shine as Your reflection
And flow within Your way

Portrait of Reflection

A portrait frozen
In the cool autumn air
A reflection of beauty
Of now to appear

Clarity’s focus
Of breath nice and slow
A stillness of moment
We’re gifted to know

Light of abundance
Peace of the view
An embrace of being
We’re welcomed into

A moment to cherish
In warmth from above
Through soul of the gazing
With our God of love