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Appropriate Response

The gift of this day
Of life to impart
Our appropriate response
Is a grateful heart

Your Son on the cross
For us to remember
Our appropriate response
Is for us to surrender

Grace of bestowing
Of heaven found here
Our appropriate response
This blessing to share

Your love overflowing
Of our gifts everyday
Our appropriate response
Is to give them away

Response of Heart

Soothe my soul
Oh sunrise calling
Gift of light
Within this dawning

Colors spill
To water flowing
Soul to stir
With Spirit flowing

Call to prayer
Response of heart
Gifts this day
That You impart

Beauty found
In binding be
In love with thee


If we think about it
In all that we do
Our life’s a response
It’s all up to you

How many decisions
Are all about me
In choices we make
To act selfishly

Driven by fear
Or security
Power or fame
Or of money

Let’s start with a prayer
To our God above
Let our life’s response
Flow from his gift of love