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Day of Rest

Where did it go
Our Sunday best
One of our family
Our day of rest

Is it a wonder
Our world’s in distress
Families are broken
Everyone’s stressed

The doctors now claim
This discovery
That our brains need rest
To remain healthy

Time has a value
Perhaps too much to measure
But wasting some time
Can be a great treasure

Turn off the power
Don’t go to the store
Discover the pleasure
Of relaxing once more

Let’s gather at table
And offer a prayer
A time of thanksgiving
Our love to share

For every soul wants
A world of peace be
So let’s plant a seed
Through rest, you and me

Rest in the Void

Acknowledgement here
One of conceding
That we are souls
Of the deep needing

A space of desire
Of greatest longing
A need to be loved
A sense of belonging

Bless us a stilling
With Spirit now here
To rest in the void
Of a nothing prayer

Let us be empty
Completely willing
To make room for You
A blessed full filling

Rest in the Light

Come here my child
Share my delight
Learning to love
To rest in the light

Time of the soul
To know God is here
To dwell in His being
A simple, pure prayer

A practice of stilling
Of gratefulness be
Me loving Him
And He loving me

Foundation of faith
To grow our roots deep
A capture of light
In our soul to keep

Take a Rest

Come now my little one
What is your rush?
Let’s take a rest
Let soul whisper, hush

Set aside burdens
Let us just be
A prayer of the deep
Dwell within me

Warming the soul
Within My light
Know in my love
That you’re my delight

Release now all fear
In simplicity
To go now in peace
And truly be free

With Your Dreams

Rest now my little one
In stardust and moonbeams
Of innocence so pure
My love goes with your dreams

Off to kindergarten
Playgrounds joy filled screams
Pictures drawn with crayons
My love goes with your dreams

College of your choosing
Knowledge here to glean
Hope in laid foundation
My love goes with your dreams

New marriage here is planted
Through two one love beams
Set out upon your journey
My love goes with your dreams

Through the hills and valleys
The blessings of life streams
Seeking light of guiding
My love goes with your dreams

Time of our homecoming
Through Savior we’re washed clean
Vision unseen seeing
My love beyond all dreams