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If Clint Eastwood was Jesus

We read of the passion
When He rose from the dead
But what if our Lord
Was another instead

If Clint Eastwood was Jesus
Quite a show it would make
We’d cheer him on
As revenge he would take

If Arnold was Jesus
He’d show his manhood
He’d shoot ‘em all up
Boy, that would feel good

If I was Jesus
I’d be mad at my friends
How could they desert me?
Never talking again

We’re so grateful to Jesus
As He blessed a new way
With peace and forgiveness
Let us be of Him this day

Hope Realized

All living things
Will come to die
A truth to see
We can’t deny

God’s chosen ones
Then found a way
If without sin
Gods wrath to sway

Try though they might
With rules construe
But it’s a task
No man can do

God out of love
His Son He gave
Man and divine
For us to save

He showed the way
Of love so pure
Send on a task
One to endure

He took our sins
Yes, everyone
To Father said
Your will be done

A suffering
So cruel, He died
By hands of men
Was crucified

Laid in a tomb
He body spread
On the third day
Rose from the dead

He conquered death
Our joy to be
Our hope realized

Death Before the Resurrection

How I’ve lived these weeks
Of lent to prepare
Without paying attention
To penance, fasting and prayer

How often have I missed
The fruits of the season
How can I celebrate?
Without observing this season

How can I rejoice
In Your Resurrection
When I’ve avoided death
Missing the connection

Yes, Lord I have to die
With You, through You, in You
So much in me to die
Sins within my view

All my false attachments
Anger and of greed
Impatience, stinginess
My pride to concede

How little I have died
A prayer to contemplate
Transform now my way
For it’s not too late

(based upon words by Henri Nouwen)

A Finding

Today I’m out of sorts
Missing the connection
I pray this worship time
Be of a resurrection

Worldly on the mind
Prayer for soul to try
Intention be sincere
Though the tongue be dry

Lost within the way
Time of desert be
Wandering around
Still you walk with me

Compass be of trust
Thread of faith to cling
For the light will shine
A finding You will bring