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Joy in Returning

A blessing of dawning
To dwell in and pray
A resting in stillness
Awakens this day

Recounting the moments
Of yesterday
Grateful for gifts
You sent in my way

Food for the soul
To nourish the deep
A practice of molding
Gratefulness, keep

Thankful for treasures
Of grace’s You bear
Joy in returning
With You to share

Prayer of Returning

Be of the morning
Of weekends sunrise
One of unloading
Of worldly disguise

Take off the suit
No profits to seek
Unmasking the proud
Not of the work week

Time of the humble
Nothing of earning
Will to surrender
Prayer of returning

Soul of repenting
On Grace to depend
Priority setting
Your spirit please send

Light of reflection
The soul to restore
Soaking of silence
Our God to adore