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Awakened Into You

Colors in the water
Ripple of the flow
Something of beyond
You want the soul to know

Capturing eyes gaze
Stirring of the deep
World of the unbinding
Peace begins to seep

Time now of the heavens
Arising of the soul
Easy be this dwelling
Prayer is in control

Unspoken of word be
Soul hears message true
In this treasured moment
Awakened into You


Gentle Ripple

Morning of sunshine
One of the flow
So gentle the ripple
Stillness to know

Soul be attentive
Word be of prayer
A knowing beyond
That you wish to share

Peace of instilling
From world to above
Tranquility here
Eternal is love

One of our Savior
Through spirit let seep
The flow of his passion
Dwell in the soul deep

Waters Ripple

Into deep of moment
Something our soul craves
Past our human thought
Written in the waves

Within the waters ripple
some thing there to know
Gaze into beyond
Let your word now flow

Adrift in air of peace
Within reflections light
Found in letting go
Whispers of insight

In this world of passing
Your plan here above
All is bound together
Through your precious love