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The Living River

On winter’s days last
When the angles just right
Shining through the trees
Flows a river of light

When morning awakes
We view the mist rising
Just over the hill
From river, realizing

If we are silent
Attune and aware
The sound of the river
Flows to our ears

The living river
One of the Spirit
Is flowing with love
If we seek to hear it

Down the River

Offer of the rain
Gift of heavens’, stores
And down the river
The water pours

A ray of the Sun
When heaven aligns
And down the river
The light shines

Into cool air
The moisture lifts
And down the river
The mist drifts

Our living water
That our soul knows
And down the river
The Spirit flows

River of Grace

You bless me a river
One full of grace
Yet I wander off
The worldly to chase

Let me return
And be of Your flow
One of perspective
Your wisdom to know

When current is calling
May I go Your way
Choice be of love
Use gifts blessed, I pray

Of heavens’ body
Let selfishness go
Be of kingdoms purpose
Reflecting the glow