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Out-flowing or In Sucking

Two different attitudes
That we each can bring
One of the out-flowing
The other “in-sucking”

Love is an attitude
Patient and is kind
With spirit generous
Out-flowing of divine

Or be critical
Setting my boundary
Defensive out of fear
“In sucking”, about me

Let us each live in
A constant state of love
Intention to do well
A heart of God above


Our True Nothingness

To really know
Spiritual things
Is to know that
We don’t know anything

Spiritual knowing
A mystery great
So wonderfully big
Let us contemplate

One day we shall know
As fully as we’re known
In this humble way
The pathway be shown

To let God know you
In our emptiness
In our nakedness
Our true nothingness

To let all yourself
Fully to be seen
By the great lover
Freedom to glean

We’ll be fully known
Then we can say
We will know God
In the same way


Who We Really Are

We’re attached to labels
Something for us to try
Let us give them up
Can’t keep them when we die

Not a man or woman
Rich or no money
Neither black or white
Our true self to be

Of who we think we are
Help us to let it go
Be who you really are
Hidden in Christ to know

As we journey forth
Let us all proclaim
As a child of God
We are all the same

The Great Turnaround

Let us pause a moment
Of mystery, profound
Encountering our Jesus
In the great turnaround

Intentional or not
Love in which to share
Heaven to this earth
A reaching out to care

We’re going to find Christ
In our daily view
Truly in the ones
We came to give Christ to

You think you’re helping them
Joy in the breakthrough
When in fact they are
Being Christ to you