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Sacrament of Presence

Breathe my child
Become aware
Abundance of
Surrounding air

See my child
The light appear
The blessing grace
Of everywhere

Dwell my child
The soul to hear
Of Spirits breath
The voice of prayer

Be my child
In One love share
The sacrament
Of Presence here

The Scene Becomes

Senses surrounded
In sunlight adorning
The soft sounds of
A summer morning

Something simple
In the scene
Stirs within
The soul serene

The sky supplies
A subtle blue
Savior, pursue

A silent psalm
Subside into
A sacred space
Supplied by You

Your Presence shines
Through Spirit sent
The scene becomes
A sacrament

Sacrament of Blossom

In days awakening
A vision now appears
Found within Your garden
A cloud discovered near

Coming into focus
Surprise of gift to see
Not a cloud at all
But blossoms of the tree

In joy of silent song
A drawing calling me
Drifting into beauty
Dwelling, just to be

Wonder of the marvel
Grace of Gods sweet gift
Glorious the fragrance
Praise and joy to lift

In souls awakening
The vision becomes clear
Through sacrament of blossom
In cloud of Spirit here