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Sacred Song

Of silent breath
The light appears
The sacred song
Of morning air

The Spirit flows
In this space here
The sacred song
Within a prayer

A practice now
To be aware
The sacred song
That all souls share

A calling now
Of voice so clear
The sacred song
That’s in you here

The love of God
Is singing clear
His sacred song
Is everywhere

Sacred Soaking

Graced within Your Presence
Such mysteries we find
In the sacred soaking
Of Your light divine

Heaven flows within us
Of permeating prayer
For every breath we draw
Is of holy air

One of contemplation
Love within so freeing
And in this becoming
We’re a blessed being

In this transformation
Of gifting to prepare
To go into this world
With His Word to share

A Sacred Rain

A moisture-soaked morning
Of mist in the air
Droplets of water
Appear everywhere

Each blade of grass
Is touched with dew
A baptism of love
In soaking of view

His love is so great
Of joy unconstrained
A shower of blessing
Of a sacred rain

A sacrament holy
Of blessing outpoured
Of Word that is spoken
That all is adored

A witness of prayer
To surrender to thee
Come now oh Spirit
And saturate me

Sacred Air

The soul senses something
Within the air
One of Your Presence
Surrounding right here

Beyond of describing
Yet fully aware
Gentle and fresh
Pure and so clear

As life giving water
Food for the soul
One so fulfilling
Being of whole

Deep be the drawing
Of binding to share
This intimate breathing
Itself is a prayer

A Sacred Stroll

When we go for a walk
This definition, know
We move away from someplace
New destination, go

But let’s practice another
To stroll while we pray
To exercise the soul
One of the Spirits way

A step into the moment
Beyond our senses here
To dwell within the light
Our soul to be aware

Soak the senses deep
Allow the soul to see
The wonders of creation
His blessings of beauty

One of greater view
Beyond the veil we hide
A practice of the knowing
The Lord is by our side

Spirit of the moving
A joy for us to be
A stroll of the sacred
Of my Lord and me

This Sacred Moment

Into Your Presence
Drawn into the light
In this sacred moment
Everything’s right

One with our Savior
To him the soul cleaves
Heart of declaring
I don’t want to leave

Fully accepted
Enwrapped in love
Knees on the floor
Yet dwelling above

A taste of heaven
Found in this prayer
This joy and love
Let us go and share

Sacred Moment

In this sacred moment
Of prayer to exercise
A wonder of beauty
A treasure to realize

The universes’ creator
Of billion souls to see
He gives His full attention
This moment here to me

Pouring out His blessing
His beloved, adored
Compassion in His eyes
He couldn’t love us more

Beyond our comprehension
Hard to just believe
All He asks right now
To be and to receive

A Sacred Share

Arise anew
In blessed view
As pink and blue
Is waters hue

Within the flow
The soul to slow
As waves bestow
Your peace to know

In moment still
Of offered will
A need instill
Hope You may fill

A binding here
Of silent prayer
A sacred share
Of light appears

Path of Sacred Way

Blessed be the Holy One
Who showers us with grace
Meeting us uniquely
In our time and space

Showering with blessings
With treasure of above
Void completely filling
With His precious love

Joy is at the doorstep
One of overfilling
Pray soul be aware
That the heart be willing

Through facets of the light
In turning here to pray
Blessing laid before us
A path of sacred way

Sacred Space

A practice of importance
Dependent all on grace
Inner room of focus
To create our sacred space

Through passageway of silence
Intention of the willing
In emptiness of being
A time of sacred stilling

Simplicity of moment
Allow faith to fulfill
A prayer unto our Lord
To come let Spirit fill

Dwelling in beyond
Soul’s value is shown
Gift of lights abundance
Makes Your Presence known

In journey of the way
A practice to begin
Of opening the door
Inviting all souls in