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An Altar of Sacrifice

An altar before me
When Lord paid the price
A calling within
Of a sacrifice

An invitation
A choice to begin
Of a sacrifice
To turn from my sin

An offer of help
If I repent
Of the Lords blessing
Through His Spirit sent

A transformation
Awaits here this day
Oh, let the heart chose
The follow Your way

Jesus Reversed It

All through history
We had to pay the price
The notion of religion
One of a sacrifice

To a God faraway
To be feared and appeased
A God not of love
But only to be pleased

But our Jesus came
With message so profound
With a mission blessed
To turn that thought around

Not of us feeding God
But of a love so true
God himself to offer
His Son as food for you

Love unconditional
Receive and we will find
A courage to return
That love back in kind

(inspired by Richard Rohr)