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Of Moment

Savor of moment
The realness of here
Deep be the dwelling
Drawing fresh air

Beauty of moment
In facets of light
Colors of beauty
Surrounding delight

Presence of moment
The soul to concede
The love of our God
Is all that we need

Being of moment
Of beauty to share
The realness of Presence
Makes our life a prayer

Savoring Silence

Savoring silence
Of Presence to dwell
A space of the sacred
Deep is the well

Sip of the Spirit
Of filling we find
Drink of desire
Of quenching, divine

A drawing of deeper
Of Word here to flow
An intimate binding
Of love now to know

A floating of being
Within, permeate
The glory of God
And His love so great

Savor the Sunrise

Drawn to horizon
A turning of eyes
A gaze through the soul
To savor the sunrise

Soaking of silence
Absorbing the light
Warm flows Your love
In colors, delight

A prayer of the Spirit
A thought here to know
A dawning reflection
Of the inner glow

Outpouring of love
Of model to view
A window of offer
To share this day through