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What Does the Sunrise Say?

A message sent to us
Each and every day
Let us turn and hear
What does the sunrise say?

Here now rest within
And draw the fresh clean air
Yesterday is gone
All is new right here

Listen now beloved
All worries to release
Soaking deep within
My precious gift of peace

Come find in my light
Through colors beautiful
Joy within the sharing
Gifts blessed unto you

Hear a voice familiar
From heaven here above
A facet of His light
One of His great love

What You Hear and Say

Oh, dear God
What do you hear
When we offer
Up a prayer

Maybe need
Maybe fear
May be selfish
May be sincere

Whatever form
You do not care
But our being
That we share

For you know
Before we start
The word we hold
Within our heart

And Your response
To how we pray?
The Word of love
Is what You say