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With Love to See

A brush stroke of kindness
With love to see
Painting a landscape
Of surrounding beauty

A moment of pause
Gratefulness to employ
A drop in an ocean
Of a soul filled with joy

A simple little prayer
One thread to bind
Forming a cord
Of friendship divine

One step of faith
Of trust everyday
Aligning our compass
To follow His way

Come See

Come see the sunrise
Come breathe the fresh air
Come feel the joy
Of being right here

Come to the stillness
Come feel my peace
Come into my comfort
All fear to release

Come rising light
Come now restart
Come now receive
My gifts to impart

Come know my Presence
Come be a prayer
Come let us dwell
In my love to share

Come of the needing
Come to be heard
Come to receiving
My blessed Word

How Little We See

A gift in this morning
Of a blessing here
Ascending into
A cloud of prayer

Truth now before us
How little we see
So much of our life
Is a mystery

An offer so great
Assistance God sends
Of the Holy spirit
As our guiding friend

So, open our view
Of vision so great
Through eyes of the soul
To contemplate

See Through

I see your piercings
Green hair and tattoos
I don’t see the scars
Of pain you’ve lived through

I see your wrinkles
And hard to move too
I don’t know your story
Of years you’ve lived through

I see your color
Don’t walk in your shoes
I can’t pretend
I know what you go through

I can take the time
To reach out to you
To share our stories
To open our view

Let’s share in the mission
To understand
We are of one body
Loved in God’s hands

To see past the surface
Go deeper to show
The love of our God
Through you to know

We Marvel To See

A palette created
For the eye to see
To satisfy heart
Of need for beauty

Seasons of color
The glory of Spring
To lush green of Summer
A joy to us bring

In barren of Winter
White covering of grace
In turn of Autumn
A rust we embrace

Through pathway of prayer
We marvel to see
In colors beyond
Your light of beauty