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Here, before our eyes
Of humans given birth
Our final resting place
Our bodies in the earth

Unlike vegetation
That never came to know
That found in its death
Did it ever grow?

We see the fruits of life
By choices that we reap
Do we seek the light?
Growing our roots deep

In the end we’re planted
To a great mystery
Through faith will we grow
Into eternity

Just a Seed

Just a breath of morning
Drawing of fresh air
Surrender of exhaling
Spirit stirring here

Just a glimpse of sunrise
Soaking of insight
A knowing of divine
Of Spirits’ guiding light

Just a pause of prayer
Connection of above
Dwelling in the truth
Of Spirits’ warming love

Just a taste of silence
Basking in of peace
Greater of the calling
Of me to release

Just a seed of planting
Of nurturing to know
Soaking, dwelling, basking
To let the Spirit grow

Love Becomes

Child of the innocence
Body of the need
Mother of unselfishness
Love becomes a seed

Message of a broken world
Of pride and fantasy
I’m the one that’s in control
Love becoming me

Lost within a valley dark
Difficult to cope
Desperate for a Savior
Love becomes a hope

Found within the Spirits breath
The Fathers outstretched hand
The Son of God born unto us
Love becomes a man

Call of greater purpose be
Of our cross to lift
Dying here unto ourselves
Love becomes a gift

Plant a Seed Today

Sky is overcast
A spirit of dismay
Thought to seek the light
To plant a seed today

A moving of heart
Buy seed for a price
Find soil fertile
Time of sacrifice

Hope for the future
Of new life of seeding
Practice of patience
With care and feeding

Be it a plant
Or relationship new
The Spirit is growing
As light now shines through