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Soul Be Seeking

A desire to fulfill
Something stirs the soul
We set out on a quest
Let Spirit take control

Or of a greater venture
Towards a holy place
On a pilgrimage
A blessed walk of grace

Habits of the forming
Found in our routine
Of prayer and contemplation
To make the unseen, seen

Let our soul be seeking
Our purpose of professing
For our life’s’ a journey
Every day’s a blessing

So read a sacred book
Listen, question, pray
Walk and climb, retreat
And grace will lead the way

Love of Seeking

I love the light of morning
Through blessed sky of blue
A soaking of within
That births the soul anew

I love the flowers blooming
The colors speak to me
A miracle of birthing
Joy of the beauty

I love the souls you send me
Encounters of this day
Which allows Your love
In sharing of new ways

I love my Lord that’s seeking
Of ways that He pursues
A drawing to embrace
To show the love of you

In Solitude Seeking

In solitude seeking
Of nature’s view
Let the soul be
In being with you

intentional dwelling
be in the scene
Let the soul listen
in silence serene

One of receiving
Of Spirit be heard
Let the soul let
As love is the Word

Way if the shaping
Sweet transformation
Let the soul mold
Be of Your creation

Seeking of the Hue

Arising into dawning
Sunrise gifts’ debut
A hint beyond of calling
Seeking of the hue

One not of the forcing
Being, flowing through
Posture of receiving
Falling, into view

With a scent of stillness
A turn of inner ear
Practice of attuning
Of Spirits voice to hear

Drawing breath consuming
Sweet surrounding air
Found within the silence
Of wisdom spoken clear

Ahead in souls’ encounter
To gift the Spirits share
The need beyond the seeing
To the lost everywhere

Seeking and Consent

Engrained in our core
Of God’s image reflect
We’re souls of the seeking
Our choices affect

Of to be loved
Of our purpose be
Void to be filled
The value of me

Free will is blessed
Hear a word to the wise
The answer is Jesus
Not the worlds disguise

Our soul He’s seeking
Through the Spirit sent
Turn now in prayer
And give our consent