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Senses Revealing

And through our eyes
By reflection of light
With a world of vision
We are blessed our sight

And through our ears
On waves that surround
With tones of noise
We are blessed with sound

And through our skin
Connections revealing
With human emotions
We are blessed with feeling

And through our mouth
Such flavors embrace
With food and with drink
We are blessed with taste

And through our being
Through Gods Presence of
With a soul of knowing
We are blessed with love

Spirit of the Senses

Kneeling in your Presence
A pause of moments time
Grabbing my attention
A gift of the divine

Such a subtle soft scent
One of hearts delight
A gentle tender touch
A sparkle of the light

Gifts beyond the senses
One of binding deep
A mystery of blessing
That I long to keep

Only of the finding
In our being still
Spirit of the senses
Of my soul to fill

Beauty of the Senses

Today I saw the sun rise
A blessing from above
Casting on us all
A vision of God’s love

Today I heard the bird sing
Of lyric singing clear
The joy of the being
In this moment here

Today I heard the stream flow
A thought to contemplate
Water on a journey
Unto the ocean great

Today I saw a child
Swinging joyfully
Trusting in his Father
How God wants us to be

Today I took a deep breath
Of the fresh cool air
Drawing of the deeper
That led unto a prayer

Beauty of the senses
A message let us share
The gifting of His love
Of bringing heaven here

Senses and Time

An offer of blessing
Of moment to be
Of senses and time
I gift them to thee

Take a few minutes
With eyes to see
To marvel within
These colors’, beauty

Take now some time
With senses to hear
The soaking within
From silence, appears

Take now a breath
Inhaling fresh air
Drawing of life
Of gratefulness, here

Take now your soul
To offer a prayer
To savor His Presence
Of love He that shares

A moment with God
Becomes eternity
To cherish His blessing
Of infinity

Senses of the Spirit

Of things unseen
We are aware
Though we don’t see
We know they’re there

Warmth in the light
Caress of a breeze
Fragrance of flower
A song of heart, seize

Through practice of soul
Development to strive
Known within the Spirit
Beyond our senses, five

Receiving of Your love
Practicing of joy
Peace, faith, and hope
Treasures to employ

Senses of the Spirit
Of blessings to be shown
Eye which cannot see
But of the soul is known

Senses Filled with Beauty

Incense is lit
Of fragrance surround
Smoke of the rising
The Spirit abounds

A sprinkling of water
Touching the skin
A blessing beyond
Forgiveness of sin

To nurture the soul
Body and mind
Song of the stirring
And Word of divine

A building so grand
A sparkling of gold
Is filled with Your grace
Of Presence, behold

A taste for the palette
Of wine and of bread
Of body and blood
Let our longing be fed

A celebration
Of our soul to see
To fill all our senses
With such beauty

Sense of Transformation

In our time of prayer
With God to reside
We take all our senses
And set them aside

Seeking of silence
In closing of eyes
No taste or smell
Hands folding, complies

Attuning the senses
With soul now to see
Heart of compassion
Acute senses, be

An offer unto God
Transformation, find
Bestowing upon us
Senses of divine

Senses Gift

A mornings’ time
That’s spent with thee
How wonderful
For us to be

To take stock
Of blessings sent
Each moment lived
That You present

With eye of heart
Of sight to see
With ear to hear
Your sweet beauty

With sense to feel
A touch of skin
Of fragrance deep
Breath to draw in

A savors’ taste
Or sour sweet
A sixth sense
Of prayer complete

Let’s pause this day
To exercise
The senses gift
For the wise