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You Sent

You sent me a sunrise
That I did not see
Peace for the soul
A gift of beauty

You sent me Your needy
Jesus is disguise
Encounter of love
That passed by my eyes

You sent me some silence
A calling to pray
I chose to hurry
To things of this day

You send me your Word
Of you’re wisdom great
The choosing of You
Is never too late

For Such A Time as This

Endowed with a mission
One within the way
To rescue our beloved
You are sent this day

Life of preparation
Of wisdom to subsist
A servant of the Lord
For such a time as this

You go not alone
One body that we share
Comfort in the knowing
Covered by our prayer

Flowing of the Spirit
Showered in His Grace
Wrapped in His protection
Safe in His embrace

With humble confidence
Of your gifts prepared
Letting His love say
Evil has no power here

Help us to remember
Truth known in our soul
Foundation of our faith
The Lord is in control

A Perfect Picture

Through miles of many
A sunrise you see
In colors of beauty
You thought of me

A picture you captured
Though not perfectly
Intentionally sent
Of thought joyfully

To share me a moment
That God did create
Connection of prayer
Of our gratefulness great

Warming my soul
Of us binding right here
Through lens of the Spirit
The view perfectly clear