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Settle in a Prayer

In a blessed moment
Of offer to begin
To settle in a prayer
A drawing of within

A simple call of being
A gift of binding here
Just a sacred resting
A drop of love to share

Knowing here my center
To focus here my view
A letting of my will
Be not of me, but You

A sip of living water
From Your eternal well
To refresh my soul
Of holiness to dwell

Settle into You

Restless is my mind
In prayer of moments few
Oh Lord, let my soul
Settle into You

God forever seeking
Our heart to pursue
Child would you let me
Settle into You

Offer of accepting
Of Spirit flowing through
May the peace of God
Settle into you

Being of transforming
Vision of anew
May sharing of the Word
Settle into you

Settle Now

Settle now in stilling
Focus be of here
Emptiness outpouring
In silence, be aware

Settle now in Presence
Focus of the light
Covering so precious
Grace of Your insight

Settle now in dwelling
Focus of the deep
Savor the sweet fragrance
Letting Spirit seep

Rooted now in love
Enwrapped in sacred prayer
Holiness of being
One of soul to share

Settle in Silence

Settle in silence
Relinquish control
Muscles relaxing
Surrender the soul

Being of dwelling
Drawing of deep
Drift in the flow
Of Spirit to seep

Languished in love
Comforts embrace
Gifts of the Spirit
Infused with grace

Benefits blessed
Beyond what we know
In mind and body
Of soul to bestow

Settle Now the Deep

In a world that’s swirling
Here, let the quiet seep
A prayer of nourishment
To settle now the deep

That of simple resting
Spirit pray in me
Inner of the dwelling
A letting to just be

Gift of new foundation
Moving into You
Lens of the refocus
Vision birthed anew

Center of perspective
Binding at the core
Blessed affirmation
Love to be outpoured

Settle, Settle

Settle, settle into now
Place of Presence be
In this quiet silence
Here now You find me

Yielding, yielding into now
Gently letting go
In this sweet surrender
Mercy here to know

Open, open into now
Spirit flowing through
Gifting of acceptance
Letting me love you

Binding, binding into now
Let us be as One
Alignment of the way
Pathway here begun

To Settle Into

Bless me the freedom
Surrender allow
No future or past
To settle into now

Bless me acceptance
Forgiveness embrace
Of dwelling in mercy
To settle into grace

Bless me awareness
Of world to release
Being of Presence
To settle into peace

Bless me rejoicing
Of falling into
One of pure love
To settle into You