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The Suffering Shadow

I have tuned my vision
In my recent years
To focus on Gods’ beauty
Surrounding me here

I’ve only glanced at shadows
That life has to reveal
But love has to acknowledge
That suffering is real

Those of helplessness
Through pain have to endure
That in the hands of man
They find this is no cure

Words we find are empty
Clinging to our prayer
All that we can offer
Our friend that we are here

Mother Mary’s Shadow

Resting in Your garden
With sunlight streaming through
Air is fresh and clean
Nothing here to do

Oasis of the moment
Wonderful to be
Fragrance is of peace
Gift to just be free

Something of beyond
Simplicity of prayer
Blessing of the Spirit
Swirls surrounding here

Womb of drifting deep
Breath of Spirit flow
Gratefulness of binding
In You letting go

Sweet song of rejoicing
Echoes of embrace
Mother Mary’s shadow
Sings everything is grace